Example Of Essay On Multisource Rhetorical Analysis

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Published: 2020/10/19

Whoever coined the phrase out of the mouth of babes must have not known what they were implying. This tongue in cheek metaphor has proven true more often than not. Children see things in black and white. Rarely do they ever get enmeshed in the gray areas of life. Such is the case of Marquis Govan, the 11 year old, who spoke to CBS, “Sunday Morning” correspondent, Jane Pauley, about the violence in Ferguson, MO.
The young lad called for change. He called it like he saw it and he gave sobering reasons for why there are not more African-Americans serving on the police force. He indicated that there was no desire among blacks in Ferguson to serve on the same force as their abusive counterparts.
He took the liberty to voice his concerns at a local council meeting in August. As simply as only a child could, he became the voice of reason in how to solve the problems in Ferguson. He indicated that the people were looting because of a root cause reason and until that is dealt with the problems will not go away. He further indicated that the focus had been placed on the wrong things: looting, destruction, and members of the community being portrayed as unruly and out of line. In turn, he shared that the real root of the problem stems from high unemployment, housing and diversity. Collectively, all are the driving force behind the ongoing dilemma this community faces.
This articulate, bright young man had his own difficult start. His mother abandoned him when he was born which landed him in foster care. He now resides with his great-grandmother. In this piece he truly demonstrated the heart of what freedom, success, and the ability to dream is all about. Is it any wonder then that out of the mouth of babes comes logic and reason that adults cannot seem to come to grips with themselves?
Senator Rand Paul has approached the events in Ferguson, MO, from a completely different perspective. In a recent article in Time magazine, Paul, indicated that the response to the rioting and looting in Ferguson looked like a war zone. Police took on a militarization approach to keeping the peace and enforcing the law. Suffice it to say, the entire situation was way out of hand in every aspect.
He further went on to say that there is a big difference between military force and police force. Both have their own objectives and should be followed accordingly. Interesting to note, Rand makes the point that big government is responsible for this ramping up of police force to a small army status. This only adds to the issue of race and racial profiling. It is understandable how a community’s own citizens would actively and openly destroy it as a way to revolt against the very department that has been called to protect it. Is it any surprise that communities such as Ferguson do not feel protected but rather targeted?
Both Marquis Govan and Rand Paul bring to light important aspects of the Ferguson, MO, tragedy that make sense and give one pause to ponder its far-reaching implications. While Rand spoke about the impact big government has had on its insistence upon subsidizing local communities like Ferguson, 11 year old, Marquis Govan, hit the nail on the head. In order to solve the problems that exist and persist, the root cause must be addressed and dealt with in order to find a peaceful resolve. The key word here is peaceful which stands in stark contrast to the unrest that has taken place in Ferguson.
This is a case that has pulled at the heartstrings and raised the ire of Americans everywhere. Both Rand Paul and Marquis Govan address two sides of a very combative issue that has been the center of rich debate within this story. A community has been dismantled because of ongoing, underlying, racial tensions that were reignited with the death of Michael Brown. There is a glaring call for justice on both sides.
Out of the mouth of babes comes the wisdom of an 11 year old boy who takes on the problems of this broken community without trepidation, without anger, and without any concern for political consequences. To look inside oneself reveals much about the true character of a person and Marquis Govan is a shining example for us all to follow. Is it any wonder then, that the true resolve for Ferguson and many other cases just like it, must first start from within?

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