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When I chose these exercises, I wanted to assess the level of stress I was undergoing in my life, despite the fact that I felt just fine. I was hoping to learn how stress works and understand the key indicators of stress. The questions asked were very general. I had more expectations from the exercise. Some of the questions did not consider the differences in human personalities. For instance, if feeling that one was at a better job is stress, are all ambitious people stressed? Despite the fact that the exercises offer a valid way of identifying stress in one’s life, the structure is increasingly simple.
When taking the questions, I was in a calm mood. As I proceeded with the questions, I would question the roles of some of the exercises. In a way, I developed a rather rebellious attitude to the questions. Additionally, at the end of the exercise, the results were rather infuriating. I was so disappointed with the test. In a way, I was not sure if I was in a state of denial, but I concluded that the results were inconclusive after reassessing my life. Most of the results indicated that I was mildly stressed, but I have not felt stressed in a long while.
However, the quiz was not all for nothing. I learned a number of things about myself that I would have not realized. The quizzes helped me assess my relationships with other people and try to reduce the level of influence my culture would have on my personality. Additionally, they made me reassess my social relationships, for instance with the extended family. A little modification of the quizzes would be excellent with each personality group having to undertake different courses. I will use the results to reassess some aspects of my life and see if I lead a much better life. However, I feel contented since I currently have progressed, but would not mind some growth.
The tests also offer one a person to reflect on him or herself and understand their selves better. For instance, such tests help or assist people understand some of the behaviors they borrowed from their cultures. Ebert, et al. (2014) argues that the efficiency of such tests has been tested for former soldiers and proved effective. The tests were used in assisting the soldiers with smoke cessation. However, Leung et al. (2011) argues that pharmaceutical companies promoted most of the online tests, hence their popularity. Despite the fact that most tests are true, the papers argue that just a simple question is not valid enough to understand how you are feeling as such. It is arguable that most of the tests are not intended to tell one the source of stress, but rather show him or her, the various characteristics of stress.
In conclusion, undertaking the tests was great experiences. The exercise made me reassess some aspects of my life that I did not value or see their importance. Additionally, it made me question some of my choices. However, the tests are rather incomprehensible and cannot be used to evaluate the cause of your problems (Smith 2002). Additionally, I still believe the experience has helped me understand myself better. However, the experience has taught me that various factors, including the environment one is in can influence the overall outcome of their mental health.


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