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Comparing the Differences in Independent News Articles vs. Mainstream News Articles

News articles are an important aspect of the media. These two types of news articles vary in the manner in which the news is represented to the audiences. Independent news articles and mainstream news articles have features and characteristics that distinguish them. These characteristics give these two forms of news articles a specific aspect that facilitates the distinguishing aspects between the two and other forms of news articles. Nevertheless, independents news articles are flexible and simple, which makes them better than the mainstream news articles. Despite the intended audience being similar, they differ in the manner in which the individual news is presented to the public as evident in the two articles, the first on Argentinean intelligence agents being suspects in a prosecutor’s death and the second being a push by the Argentinean President on intelligence shakeup following the Nisman scandal.

Independent News Articles

Independent news articles such as the first article on the suspects do not rely on other forms of presentation of news other than written information. The independent news articles tend to be smaller and are polarized towards the liberal and polarized perspectives. The independent news articles cab be online, publications and in newspapers. As such, it is easy to find the independent news articles online ("Mainstream Vs. Alternative Media |"). The ease to find these articles also makes them preferred more than the mainstream. The first article is an independent news article.

Mainstream News Articles

The mainstream news articles such as the second news article on the President’s push mostly use videos as means of part of the article. That is; there is the incorporation of visual and especially video material to pass information to the audiences. These aspects make mainstream news articles somewhat complex, which make independent news articles simpler, easier and faster to use. The mainstream news articles reach larger audiences compared to the independent news articles ("Mainstream Vs. Alternative Media |"). The second article is a mainstream news article with YouTube video to illustrate message.


The audience for the mainstream news articles prefers these outlets because of their accessibility and clarity of information. The independent news articles have to put more of their effort into staying and finding in touch with the various forms of media outlets, which diversifies the information making them better (Pans. Pest Articles and News Summaries 25). Many of the independent news articles do not trust the mainstream news articles because they have the belief that the mainstream news articles ignore various details or stories in the presentation of the news. The YouTube video in the second article, which is a mainstream news article, tends to attract a huge audience because of the illustrated information.


The large and mainstream news articles are more appealing to the audiences because most of the contents of the mainstream news articles tend to be on topics that are likely to interest large numbers of listeners, viewers and readers. Additionally, the visual and audio aspects of the mainstream news articles attract more audiences because they believe that the mainstream news articles promote clear understanding of the news being presented as evident in the YouTube video in the second article (Corso, Gullí, and Romani 22).
On the other hand, the independent news articles have faithful and smaller following that seek unique viewpoints. The message being of the news articles can attract many people if they happen to share viewpoints of the independent news article being considered. For instance, in the first article, there is more focus on the intelligence agents who are suspects in the murder of the prosecutor, which increases the chances of the information being true. However, if the message in the news article is intended to appeal to a wide scope of individuals, the mainstream news articles are essential, which means that this form of news articles is essential and can be used to present information to both wide and narrow scopes (Pans. Pest Articles and News Summaries 33).

Support for Social paradigms

One of the significant differences between the mainstream news articles and the independent news articles is the view of status quo presented in each of these news articles. The mainstream news articles tend to value the societal norms by presenting them clearly through visual or audio forms whereas the independent news articles may engage actively in challenging these norms (Shinyama, Sekine, and Sudo 15). For instance, the video in the second article evidences the actions being performed and creates an awareness and understanding of the message in the article. Independent news articles have a tendency to provide a single piece of news. For instance, the first article contains news about the suspects and focuses on these individuals throughout the article. Therefore, focusing on a single piece of information increases the quality of the independent news articles.


The independent news articles often present important stories to the public. The online independent news articles have many links that lead to topics that one could blog about to voice their opinions on various said issues, which increases its credibility. The independent news articles do not present or cover a wide spectrum of issues or topics such as jobs, science, travel and sports. Most of the stories or news on the independent news articles are short with most of them having the major stories for a given days on a single page. The short stories and single focus makes this type f news articles credible (Shinyama, Sekine, and Sudo 19). Unlike in the mainstream news articles, most of the independent news articles are written in custodial perspective. These aspects are evident in the first article, which focuses on a single topic, the suspects and does not have the supporting elements such as the video in the second news article.
In summary, the independent and mainstream news articles have significant differences in various aspects including, the audiences, and the credibility, the support for the social paradigms, and implications. These differences play a key role in the field of media because they define the extent and effectiveness of these two forms of news articles in passing information to the public (Shinyama, Sekine, and Sudo 22). The differences between these two types of news articles also enable the understanding of when and where to employ what type of news articles when trying to pass information to an intended audience. These differences are also important because they foster the capacity to acknowledge the importance of media in the society and the significance of having various forms of media or news articles. Nevertheless, independent news articles are more flexible, credible and should be trusted more by the audience.

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