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Stonehenge is one of the most mysterious monuments in the world. It is located in Wiltshire in England and it attracts a lot of people to come and see one of the most outstanding sites on our planet. The atmosphere near the monument is calm and peaceful, but at the same time there is some ancient secrecy and mystery.
The monument looks authentic and ancient and the overall composition is full of sense and harmony. The monument is made of 150 stones that together compose a circle pattern. The exterior looks impressive as the external side of Stonehenge consists of 17 huge stones of sarsen –the type of the extremely hard sandstone - that are upright chiseled. Some of them have a lintel on the top, while some of them haven’t. This creates an impression of prior harmony of the monument that was ruined by some outside factors. It could have been time and nature, or possible living creatures.
The sense of scale is a little bit disappointing. The image of the ancient monument creates the image of something huge and powerful; while the real size of Stonehenge is more realistic and not that impressive. However, this compositing impresses not with it size or scale, but with the ancient look, harmonious composition and historical meaning.
The texture requires special attention as it is possible to see shabby carvings on the stones that are extremely firm and strong. The overall composition looks really complex. Inside the bigger circle that is about 10o meters in diameter, there is a second, smaller one that consists of five paired stones.
If I have been the representative of the ancient civilization that lived here about 2400-2200 BC, this monument would be one of the most significant impressions of my life. At that period of time it was practically impossible to create such a monument. Therefore, it was unique and regarded as a real miracle for people at that time. The monument has had a sacral meaning of people in that period of time. It was a place for religious rituals and traditional processions. Therefore, it was extremely important place for cultural and religious life of people. This spirit is still present here and it is possible to feel the link of times and to travel to the past by visiting Stonehenge.
Another monument of ancient period that is still has a serious cultural and religious meaning for people all around the world is Acropolis. The visit to this place was one of the most outstanding experiences of my life. Acropolis was another important center of ancient times – it was situated in the centre of Athens, the most powerful Greek polis, and it was regarded as the symbolic center of Ancient Greek civilization and culture. This monument looks like the live ancient legend in the middle of modern city.
Acropolis is constructed like an ancient citadel. It is situated on a rocky mountain in the city center. The composition consists of several ancient buildings, the most famous of which is Parthenon. The composition covers the area of almost 3 ha and the entire surface creates the impressions of the ancient sacred place.
There is a perfect sense of scale as from this promontory it is possible to see the beautiful valley of the city and the seashore. When looking at Acropolis from the city, it looks impressive and strong. The perfect balance and harmony of the massive white sculptures looks simple, but at the same time the deeper observation reveals the complexity of sculpture technique, the harmony of balance on the rocky surface area and the solidity and monumentality of sculptures and buildings.
For the person that lives in Ancient Greek society, Acropolis was saint place that symbolized Greek culture and democracy. Acropolis was also the gift to goddess Athena, therefore, the place had important religious meaning. Moreover, the compositions looked really impressive for that period. Therefore, if had lives in that period of time, I would have considered this place as mystique and powerful, unbelievably beautiful and full of sense and spirit.
Talking about these two outstanding monuments it has to be said that both of them have a serious meaning for contemporary culture and the history of humanity. Both Stonehenge and Acropolis are considered to be the elements of Ancient culture and both survived to present day that supports their outstanding significance. However, the period of creation and specification of cultures define the absolutely different style and compositions. These two pieces of art demonstrate the development of architecture and the development of human race as the important steps of our way forward.

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