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The five essential pillars of army profession are military expertise, honorable service, trust, stewardship and esprit de corps. Each of the official statement reflects American ethics and values. When the leaders who support the army profession are committed to managing the five pillars effectively, the army is established as a distinct military profession. The values are explained in detail below:


Special trust and confidence are placed in the army by the American citizens. The priority of the army is its service to the nation. Trust is the foundation of the relationship the army has with the American citizens. The professional responsibility of the army is to sustain the trust they have earned. Army’s moral obligation is a pathway to social trust. The trustworthiness of the army and people helps establishing unbreakable bonds between the two, which is essential to the army to function effectively. The ability to play its strategic roles efficiently and deliver its responsibilities to the citizens the citizens are dependent on a few things:

Soldiers and leaders have a trustworthy relationship.

The Army civilians and soldiers have a trustworthy relationship.
Soldiers, the army, and their families have a trustworthy relationship.
The American and the army have a trustworthy relationship. (Google Books, 2015)
Military expertise as a profession is the generation, design, support, and ethical application of land power. This is the way army plays its part towards the nation’s defense. The professional responsibility of the army is to enhance their skills and knowledge continously. Unless the army does not enhance their expertise in land power, they are not considered stronger than their enemies are.


The army exists as a profession because of one fundamental reason. It has to uphold the interests and rights of the American citizens, as well as protect the Constitution. These things define the basis for the ethics inside the army. It is the most important value that defines what serving honorably means. By applying all these values in the practical life is a professional responsibility that strengthens the service. These are the core values that are the basics of the army profession.


The military officials bond together for the common purpose of serving the nation, to prevail adversity across the range of military operations and to win in war. The army respects the traditions and history of the country. This bond is tied through mutual understanding, trust and commitment to the ethics of Army. This is what esprit de corps means. The professional responsibility of men in the army is sustaining esprit de corps throughout their profession.


Stewardship is the unique responsibilities of the leaders of the army to the American people and profession. The Army is not only responsible and duty-bound to completing the mission with the available resources. The professional responsibility of the army is to ensure this, through the stewardship of its leaders, the present and future effectiveness of the profession. Each member of the army profession must be stewards of the profession. (Google Books, 2015)

Most important amongst them is TRUST:

Establishing the institutional culture and climate is the most important part of the mission. It is stated in ADRP 6-0 that the basis of mission command is “shared understanding, purpose, and mutual trust.” The mission command in army operations requires the relationship of trust between units, and up and down in the chain of command. Superior officials trust their subordinates and give them the power to accomplish missions and meet the intentions of the commander. Superiors are trusted by subordinates to be given freedom to perform the intentions of the commander.
The character, competence, and commitment are demonstrated to build trust in their own team. Moreover, shared experiences and tough training also helps the leaders develop trust. Difficulties could be overcome, and team would be able to conquer difficult challenge through tighter bonds and team experiences. At the same time, the rapport is built by the leader, and they encourage that commitment should be made to the mission. The learning process of subordinated trusting their leaders and vice versa Training and shared experience allow leaders to earn the trust of subordinates and for subordinates to earn the trust of leaders. Mutual respect is led by the relationship of trust between the people.
Army leaders are stewards of the profession. The trust of the American people is maintained by guiding the men in the army to follow the ethics of army strictly. They make sure that all the army professionals, if have to accomplish the mission, should abide by all the rules set out to them.
Trust is a the most important principle of the army which establishes the necessary conditions to continue a profession that is more inclined towards winning the trust of the American Citizens. This kind of trust helps to develop and sustain the confidence amongst the professionals as they continue to fulfill their responsibilities and duties for long. The one who fulfill the Army’s criteria of certification that is character, commitment, and competence, is considered a member of the army profession. This Certification particularly assessed and evaluates the Army professional’s on the following:
Character: The dedication and commitment to the army values and ethics are displayed continuously in the army professional’s actions and decisions. That’s how they qualify for a strong character worth becoming an army professional.
Competence: Competence is when an Army professional demonstrates his/her ability to perform duties successfully and accomplish the mission in a disciplined way.
Commitment: Commitment is when the army professionals are determined to resolve the obstacles, challenges and difficulties ethically and successfully and never hesitate to perform their duties and assigned tasks no matter how difficult they are.
All the Army professionals who are certified by the mentioned values trust each other and stay united as teams. When such binds exist among the professionals, there is lesser need for supervising the professionals and guiding them about assigned duties. Trust is the most important pillar of the army profession because through it the leaders are allowed to employ more resources and time as well as decrease uncertainty and risk. (Google Books, 2015)


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