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Published: 2020/12/28

Frank Jackson uses an example of Fred in his essay to prove to the readers the false perception about physicalism. Fred does not have full understanding of the physical knowledge. Despite being able to tell the number of peanuts present on the floor, Fred cannot identify the connection between the number of peanuts and plane symmetry groups. Readers are able to identify the inability of Fred in formulating adequate, precise and unquestionable account of physical knowledge as well as physical facts suitable for promoting knowledge argument discussions (Aristotle 156).
The reasoning behind physicalism leads to understanding the difference between hard determinism and compatibilism. Hard determinism is well understood of being made up of casual chain of blind, entirely mechanistic effect and cause and non-rational while compatibilism entails a casual chain of mental components including one’s own desire, motive, intentions and inclinations (Atmanspacher 87). It is important to note that compatibilism can be reduced to hard determinism. However, some instances arise when hard determinism is true while compatibilism. For such an instance, hard determinism becomes true while compatibilism is not. The reasoning behind the assumption is that mental events like motives and desires can have effects on the physical world, the brain.
The information presented by Aristotle provides substantial evidence of differentiating among Happiness, virtue and rationality (Yu 34). For instance, Aristotle defines happiness as the good goal of human life that forms one’s central life purpose. Thus, a happy life entails fulfillment of both physical and mental well-being. Virtue on the other hand entails capability of human being to do good things that bring happiness, while avoiding bad ones. In addition, rationality is based solely on reasoning and not emotion. For instance, a virtuous person might not be able to live a happy life if he or she is constantly being deceived by the other partner. Although the person wishes to do good things that bring happiness, actions by the other partner lack to portray the desired virtue and their rationality fails to satisfy both mental and physical well-being.

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