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In the painting of an "Eye" by Madeleine Laliberte, a person can clearly see an eye that seems to have been deformed. It looks like an accident seen in which something sharp cut deep into the eyelid exposing some of the nerves. In the painting starting from the framing, they are all painted red. The only part of the painting that is not red in color is the eyeball that looks shiny with a dark center surrounded with a brown ring that is also surrounded with a black ring before now reaching on the shiny white part of the eyeball. In the second art work which is entitled “Gravity” and is a painting of the year 1956 which was done by the artist Jean-Paul Riopelle, it is very hard to identify what the artist wanted to paint. All that can be observed are that seems to have no clear arrangement, and different colors can be seen ranging from green, red, yellow, white, gray, black and blue. It is very hard to identify what image the artist was trying to paint. All that can be clearly seen is a collection of colors with no given arrangement or shape.
The detailed analysis of the two art work, it is important to identify various factors are ask yourself s certain questions that may help a person to analyze the two art works into details. Some of the question a person needs to ask him or herself is; what kind of material did the artist work with? This may include a board, paper, brush and many others. The second question should be; what are the colors used by the artist? Here it is important to identify the different colors and to give the reason why you think the artist used a given type of color and not the other. The third question which is also a very important one is; what type of technique did the artist used? The fourth question is; what are the types of forms used by the artist? And finally what are the compositions of the art work?
On looking at the art work by Madeleine Laliberte, the first feeling you feel is some irritation on your eye and you can even fell tears trying to come out from your eye. This irritation is majorly caused by the observer trying to associate the deep cut seen on the eye lid painting to that of his. The second feeling is that of sorrow, this is majorly due to the fact of the pain the parson with such deep cut is going through and the possibility of if the affected eye will ever function again. The painting also gives a horrible feeling, when a person looks at it, she or he does not wish to look into it again. The eye also provides a despaired feeling; the focus of the eyeball shows how desperate the affected person needs help as first as possible (Feldman, 1971).
However looking at the second art work by Jean-Paul Riopelle, the art work is really frustration. This is to mean that, the first glance on the painting will strike the observer to try and find out what king of image the painting is, this is through trying to bring the patterns together to try and figure out the intension of the artist. The frustration now comes about if the observer is unable to figure out what the artist was intending to do. Even though the painting is somehow frustrating, the mixing of the colors makes it appealing to the eye (Cennini, 1954). This makes the person to have a felling if wanting to see more and more again.
In the art work by Jean-Paul Riopelle, the artist manages to attract the attention the viewers by not providing a definite shapes known by people. The artist was very careful in the choice of colors he chose. This is because he majorly used most of the bright colors in the painting which made the painting attractive from a distance. His choice of bright colors like, red, green, blue, and white attracted the viewers from a distance. The artist carefully used his brash to obtain the balance on his art work. The painting is well distributed within its frame. The painting starts at both the far end of the right and left ages and also at the top and the bottom ends making the painting to appear balanced within its frame (Kolb & Kolb, 2005). Relating the painting to the real life situation, the artist tries to communicate how difficult it is to follow or understand work that is not well planned. This is evidenced by the difficulty by the viewers in trying to work out the shape of the painting hence coming up with different shapes of their own.
In the painting by Madeleine Laliberte, the choice of red color for the painting was the best choice as it communicated the massage to the viewers (Kirby & Laidlaw, 1999). This red color symbolizes blood spillage. The use of red painting dominated the painting living out only the eyeball. The painting is also well balanced as the eye is centered at the center with equal distance from the edges of the frame. Even though the artist majorly used the same painting to paint the eye, the eye painted came out very clearly as at various parts he used a dark red painting while the other parts he used a light red painting. The dark red painting indicates the skin or the eyelid while the light red indicates the opening obtained from a deep cut.
This art of the “Eye”seems to have been a result of the artist experience. This experience seems to be an experience in an accident or an operation in one of the hospitals. The shiny eyeball is a sign of tears drop which can be as a result of the pain the patience is or the victim is going through. The art work is a sigh of the real word situations and the pain involved or related to the accident of surgery. The artist acknowledges the existence accidents in the country and the suffering of the victims of the accidents. Through this painting, the artist is trying to communicate to the various authorities on the need to reduce the rate of accidence experienced in the country. He does not only communicate to the authority, but also to the road uses on the pain people who do not obey most of the traffic rules go through and the need for everybody to take responsibility to reduce the rates of accidents experienced and also to communicate to the society on how the victims of the accidents need the help of everybody both financially and emotionally. The technique used by both the artist is the use of oil painting technique (Thompson, 1956). This has enabled the artist to crate contrast that has contributed in intensifying the colors. This contrasting color has helped in the creation of a feeling of three dimensions. Some of the important supplies used in the painting included Canvas, Paint thinner, linseed oil, or turpentine, Gesso, Easel, Palette, Different sizes of brushes, Oil Paints, Palette knife and Rags or towels this tools really assisted in the painting of the two paintings (Eastlake,1960).


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