Benchmark Assessment And Analysis Of Exceptional Learners Essays Examples

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Targeted student description

The learner is nine years old in fifth grade and shows particular strengths and weaknesses in some academic areas. The learner has strength in forming grammatically correct sentence structures in verbal and written communication. The student can understand non-verbal cues with both gestures and body language during communication. The manner in which the learner engages in speech and language development shows ability in the retention of ideas. Additionally, the learner shows strength in the reasoning and remembering of ideas and seems mature in thinking. Conversely, the student has weakness in the areas of academic. The weakness of delayed cognitive development ends up seen during the learning process. There is a high tendency of distraction that affects the concentration and conceptualization of ideas. The level of attention and interest is also low in the understanding of both literal and numeral subjects. The preferred learning modalities for the learner are the curricular content modification and changing of the instructional processes.

Accommodation/ modification assessment activities

The first learning objective is, by the end of the session, the learner will be able to conceptualize ideas clearly. The learner has a weakness of low concentration and conceptualization of ideas. Teaching in a systematic manner from one topic to another will help in the conceptualization of facts taught. Ideas will end up grasped from one lesson taught to another. Additionally, orderliness in practices like the presentation of the unit overview and reviewing of the last lesson will increase the level of understanding. The second learning objective is, by the end of the session, the learner will be able to have an improved level of attentiveness for increased understanding of the subjects taught. The learner has a weakness of paying attention in class. Attentiveness will end up boosted by engaging discussions with the learner. Discussions will trigger the learner’s mind to reason for attentiveness and remembering of facts. The learning objective of, by the end of the session, the learner will be able to understand the numerical subjects. The learner has a problem with mathematical subjects that require support for an improvement. Teaching of mathematics in manageable units will help in understanding the facts. Tackling one topic at a time at will assist in connecting ideas, as confusion will end up reduced. Teaching in small units assists the learner to understand easily as concepts flow with ease for easy understanding. Breaking down the topics into manageable units will reduce confusion of ideas for by the learner.

The Assessment

The formative assessment will end up applied in the evaluation of the learning objectives modified. The assessment techniques will involve monitoring the student for the identification of the areas of struggling for adjustments towards meeting the needs recognized. The use of formative informal techniques such as writing of reflection by the pupil will lead to remembering of facts learned the lesson. Asking the learner to answer reflective questions like, “what was the most interesting idea in the lesson” will prompt the reasoning and attentiveness. The informal technique of assessment of checking the understanding of the learner by pausing when teaching after some minutes will help in getting to know the student’s response. The identification of gaps in facts not understood will lead to more illustration by the teacher for understanding. Formative assessment chosen for the learner will also involve the use of in-class activities such as group assignments. The teacher will allow classmates to help each other in the understanding of the facts taught the lesson. During group discussions, the learner will be able to express the ideas to the peers for more conceptualization of the subject. Moreover, class activities will help the teacher to monitor the expression of the learner in relation to the classmates. Additionally, the use of quizzes as formative assessment technique chosen will lead to evaluating the level of understanding of the concepts by the learner at an individual level. Using quizzes and revisions, the teacher will clear up misconceptions by majoring in the areas that the learner shows weaknesses to increase the degree of understanding.

The reflective analysis

Some accommodations and modifications ended up succeeding when applied in the achieving of the learners needs. The accommodation of teaching in a systematic manner increased the level of conceptualization of ideas. The orderliness in the explanation of ideas caused the student to remember and connect the facts learned. The process of presenting topics in a systematic manner by reviewing the past lessons and comparing it with the ideas of the current lesson allowed the student’s connectivity alongside increasing the level of remembering the previously taught lessons. Through systematic teaching, the learner will be able to conceptualize facts with ease. The second accommodation that ended up succeeded when applied was the breaking down of topics as small units. Teaching in small manageable units reduced the level of confusing the facts taught. Teaching a single idea at a time helped the learner to understand mathematics in simplicity. Calculations ended up done with cleanness for the learner to follow by illustrating steps in small units. Breaking down the topics when teaching an idea at a time reduced confusion for high understanding during mathematics lessons.
If I were a teacher to teach the lesson, I would teach using the very modifications because they lead to improved cognitive e abilities of the learner. I would end up retaining the adjustment of teaching with orderliness because it caused the student to understand facts with ease. Systematic teaching in reviewing the past lessons before introducing the current topics and units triggered the mind of the student to remember the previous lesson. The reasoning capacity of the learner improved by recapitulating on the facts previously taught in a systematic manner. I will also maintain the modification of breaking down topics to end up taught at a time. Teaching several ideas at a time resulted in confusing the learner. I would, therefore, maintain the modification of tackling of one fact in a single lesson. Teaching at the rate that the learner can grasp the concepts seemed to achieve the learning objectives of the lessons than faster explanation of facts. It ended up noted that teaching a single unit in a lesson reduced the level of confusing the ideas for higher understanding thus worth maintaining.
There are other modifications that the learner’s teacher handling regular classroom will end up apply in ensuring an achievement in the student’s objectives. Firstly, the regular classroom teacher will have to turn out as flexible in the offering of the curricular that helps the learner to understand the facts taught. Rigidity by relying on the set curricular would lower the level of conceptualization of ideas. The student will rather feel stigmatized by the teaching model applied. When the regular classroom teacher is flexible to use a curricular that favor the cognitive abilities of the learner will yield into high achievements of the learning objectives. Secondly, the regular classroom teacher will have to modify the learning styles by the means of providing various ways of adjustments to allow the understanding of the entire class. The involvement of different means of knowledge and information acquisition such as the use of audio texts, videos and computer technology with the help the learner to remember the facts taught with ease. The low level of attentiveness will end up boosted by the varied teaching modifications applied.
Apart from the regular education classroom teacher’s adjustments, special education teacher will also require to make some other modification to increase the level of achieving the learning objective of the learner. The special teacher will modify the learning by helping the student to identify the strengths and weaknesses. Having an insight of the underlying weaknesses and strength by the learner will lead to ways of coping up with the disabilities. Positive behaviors like self-control and concentration in class will end up developed in the learner if a special teacher works out to develop an understanding of the strengths and weaknesses. The special education teacher will also make a modification of personalizing the student’s education program. The provision of choices for engaging in special education system will lower the level of stigmatization of the learner. The student will identify like any other learner with strengths and weaknesses that require adjustments for better performance in the classroom. The special learner will have low stigma if the special teacher personalizes the education system applied.

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