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There has been a lot of changes in the functions and operations of libraries around the world. However, one main thing remained unchanged: the wider population need public library services for books, classes, and information search using computer. Not all people own computers at home. School children and college students need to research on what they are taught at school and finish assignments. Parents need information on health issues, farming techniques and political matters. Thus a public library is the most common platform for delivering all of this in a single space.
Buru public library is located in the heart of New York. It is easily accessible by foot, car or train and a lot of people use it on a daily basis for their information needs. The library is 2,400 square feet with three quarter of the space dedicated to readers. On a normal day, the library is full prompting some readers to alternative space on the corridors and at the verandah. This is reported during holidays when a lot of students are at home and spent their time at the library.
The computing resources in the library are limited. There are two management computer and two others used by the readers. On typical day, readers have to register and queue to use the machines. Occasionally, closing time is reached before some readers have an access to the computers. A number of complaints have been reported where users get frustrated of waiting only to get back before they get the information they need. An increase in the number of computers will do justice to the readers as it will reduce those lining up to use them.
There are two types of computers chosen for the library; an Inspiron desktop computer and a HP All-in-One PC. The desktop computers are installed on the working spaces in the library. The All-in-One PC is installed on the office for management and guest use. A times, guests get to the library and require a machine to work from. In most instances, guests have their own laptop computers but in cases where they don’t have one, the management will assign them this PC to simply their reporting and other activities.


The three desktop CPU cost $789.98 while Dell 20 inch monitor cost $139.99. A discount of $102.70 and $18.20 is offered to bring down the cost of the three pieces to $2,792.60. Two pieces of the All-in-One PC are priced at $639.89 each and with a discount of $83.20, the net price is $556.78. Software applications are included in the prices of these computing devices and hence software costs were not gathered here.
A color laser All-in-One printer cost $899.00 while 5 pieces of headphones cost $19.99 each. Another cost is remuneration for a part time technician working 10 hours a day for two weeks at a rate of $11. The total wages is $220.
Assuming that a discount of 13% is offered on computing equipment, the total budget including technician wages sums up to $4,995.25, a figure below the $5,000 allocation.


Five vendors are chosen to provide these computing devices, HP, Sony, Xerox, Microsoft and Dell. The Xerox WorkCenter 6605 provides exceptional printing experience for a medium facility such as Buru public library. The standard functions include copy, email, fx, scan and print.
HP commands sizeable market share in computing devices. The new HP 19.5” All-in-one PC is suitable for web browsing and document processing. It is slim in size and does not take up large amount of space. The product is chosen because HP is a reputable vendor that can provide all the necessary support services. The product is guaranteed to provide optimum performance for the library.


Desktop computers are sourced from Dell computers. Dell is an established device vendor in the market. Its products range include laptops and desktops, tablets and e-readers, cell phone and accessories, networking equipments, wearable technology, entertainment technology among others. The Dell Inspiron 3646 desktop computer is a powerful machine which occupies less space and delivers the power of a traditional desktop. It is suitable for use in the library as it occupies less space and provide faster browsing experience.


Microsoft provides software application and word processor required for the full, functionality of the devices. The operating system used in the devices is Windows 8.1. This is the latest operating system released by Microsoft. The OS is preinstalled in the devices and thus, there is no requirement to purchase it separately.
Microsoft Office 2013 is the office application provided by Microsoft. The application, just as OS is preinstalled in the computer and will cost the organization zero fees.


Xerox is considered the industry leader in printer industry. It is the manufacturer of the WorkCentre 6605 color multifunction printer. Xerox is chosen because of its long legacy and establishment in the industry. The company will provide installation support, spare parts and repairs and maintenance services for the lifetime of the printer through its authorized agents and support team (


Sony is a recognized entertainment equipment vendor. Sony specializes in a number of entertainment devices and is flagged the best to provide headphones. Their headphones are professionally for safe and enhanced listening experience.


Windows 8.1 is chosen as the operating system of choice. Windows 8.1 is the latest operating system supported by Microsoft with touch screen and desktop functionalities.


Inspiron Small Desktop 3646 runs on an Intel Pentium processor rated 2.76GHz and 4GB single channel DDR3L RAM. This is suitable for medium tasks such as browsing and document processing. The 4GB RAM is adequate for multiple applications and browser tabs at the same time. 500GB hard disk storage is provided. This is more than enough to save library applications, data and other media.
The HP All-in-One PC runs on an AMD E1-2500 processor. AMD handles the essential performance and productivity workload imminent in the library. It has a 19.5” display for high quality images and fine detail even when dealing with multiple tabs and windows. It is also efficient in energy consumption. This machine has a hard disk of 500GB, and is deemed sufficient for storage of library files before they are backup at remote locations.


Microsoft Office Suite 2013 is the office productivity software chosen. Since the computers run on Microsoft operating system, Microsoft Office Suite 2013 is compatible. The office suite is the latest of Microsoft Office offerings and comes with new word processors, excel and presentation modules. Dell desktops come preinstalled with Microsoft Office 2013 while HP PC is preinstalled with Microsoft Home Office and Student 2013. The later provides cloud storage and OneDrive capabilities. Library users such as students can collaborate by editing, viewing and sharing documents online.


Windows 8.1 comes with antivirus software referred as Windows Defender. Windows Defender is the antivirus version of Microsoft Essentials in Windows 7. It is the first line of defense against spyware, malware and other malicious software. Windows Defender is fully supported by Microsoft free of charge. The library will use this application instead of incurring extra cost for third party antivirus application.


Other devices required to support efficient operation of the devices outlined above include connection cables, power backups and computer stands. These materials are not gathered for in the budget because they are presumed to be already available. Ethernet connecting cables are already in place to connect, computer and printers to the LAN. Power switches and UPS are also presumed to be available. Stands required to host the equipments in the work area are also in place. Thus, they are excluded from the budget.
Finally, a technician is required to install and configure these devices to the required standard until they are operational. It is presumed that installation and configuration will last for a period of two weeks and a budgetary allocation is made for that. The technician might be hired at a later time to upgrade the machines and provide general maintenance but is not provided in the current budget given that the machines are warranted by the seller.


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