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Published: 2020/11/17

The most inspiring thing about Peter Bielagus is that he has “been there and done that,” so to speak. He has been involved in financial fiascos and he has overcome the challenges of money management. Hence, he is a very good resource person to talk about money because of his credibility and experience. For sevaral year, Mr. Bielagus has helped thousands of individuals to remarkably changed their financial literacy, from high schools and colleges all over the United States to teachers, military men, and professionals.
I was compeled by the first chapter on why individuals, like me, do not really take their finances seriously. As they say, “why bother?” or “life is short.” It dawned on me that I am not just a financial dumb but I am likewise a very irresponsible young person because I take money matters for granted. Bielagus strikes me as a very agreeable and friendly finance expert who do not preach what he knows about money management. He appeals to me as a very inspiring guru who only wants me to avoid the financial pitfalls he has fallen into. He is like a brother who would tell you why you should or not do these things, like not minding about your finances.
It makes me realize that spending money is and should be a wise, daily decision. This is a very common decision we dispel everyday yet we remain fools. We are not properly guided. While we were haphazardly taught by our parents to make wise spending decisions, I realized that we have not fully grasped the money lessons. We do not practice it. It takes the failures of another person like Peter Bielagus to make us realize how important money management is.
I myself am not confident with most of the money and spending decisions I make every day. Oftentimes, I turn to my parents for help whenever I make foolish spending. I also realize that the more I practice wise spending early on, the more I would become confident and decisive in my professional life. This is important because I need to be wiser and more skillful in handling my finances later on. As I envision myself working very hard and earning a handsome amount in the near future, I now realize that it takes good knowledge and skills to manage one’s finances.
It is good to know that between alternatives, there are positive and negative consequences. Bielagus has illustrated the negative consequences of being broke and having a large amount of liability and credit. I do not have to be on the same shoe to know the principles involved to avoid the same pitfalls. Hence, I feel so moved by the way Pter Bielagus shared his failures in money and how it can help me and the other young individuals to learn his lessons and take off from there.
Actually, there are so many ways to learn about money management and financial literacy. The Internet, for one, offers a lot of guide and resources. The only commendable thing about the teachings of Peter Bielagus is the humility and the credibility it exudes. He does not speak about money in a very sophisticated fashion unlike the other financial advice and teachings which are very hard to understand. They are rooted in more technical terms. Bielagus’ book is very friendly to young financial students like me. I really appreciate how he reaches out to the younger audience like me. With the simplicity, I have learned from him so many financial basics which I can use for the years to come.


Bielagus, Peter. Why Bother? How the Worst PickUp Line of My Life Changed My Financial Future and How It Will Change Yours, Too. (2012). Amazon Digital Services, Inc.: Story Merchant Books.

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