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Before meeting the discussion response team, I had just the face values of the ideas presented in the weeks reading. I had general ideas as presented without many details on how they are interlinked with major aspects in the society. Some of the contents has a much deeper meaning that the general content. I had no idea on some of the ideas presented, I had not thought that mathematics can be modified in such a way that it can help in the learning of the English language as the student learn mathematics concepts.
I had no idea that learning mathematics can be used to improve the contingency of the to the extent that it can help student fight for the rights of the minorities. Moreover, rarely would one mind the effects of culture in the process of learning. It is evident that even with the full knowledge that each of the students has a cultural affiliation; the cultural aspects are rarely brought out in the process of learning.
After joining the reading response discussion, the ideas came out more clearly as different students gave personal accounts how the ideas raised can be applied. First, the idea on linking schooling and culture was one of the most amazing. Ladson (1995) argue that culturally relevant teaching is based on three main aspects. The first is that the students must pass. One would wonder why this is major aspect of culturally responsive pedagogy.
What I realized is that teaching with cultural affiliation in mind increases the chances of the students to pass. In this respect, therefore, Ladson argument is imperative that teacher ought to give examples, and ideas that are relevant to the culture of the students. Failure to do so would lead to failures. The second basis is on maintained of cultural competence while the third is the development of the critical consciousness that they can use to challenge the status quo. It is clear that leaning is not for the sake of it, but must help to solve existing problems in the society.
In this case, student must develop the right attitudes, skills, among others that can be used to solve life problems in the society. It might be a small or big problem, but solutions must come from among the people. One may challenge racial discrimination, racial and religious profiling, etc., since some of these social injustices are tied to the cultures of the people. Cultural exchange is a continuous process that each person may engage in. it can take many forms including exchange of ideas from songs, or other sources.
My ideas on politics expanded. I realized that education and politics are inseparable. Both occur concurrently. More than often, one can hear some people say that information is power. Education instills ideas in the minds of the people and hence empowers them. Without educations, one lacks the power to read and understand making such a person easy to be manipulated. Such a person if faced with the many injustices in the society would not be well equipped to fight them.
In this case, the person is incapable of fighting for his own justice and that of his or her people. Mathematics is one of the most liberating subjects that can ever learn. It equips someone with analytical skill upon which all other major aspects in life can be based; for examples, on a daily live of an individual, the person is faced with numerous calculations right from the cost of the goods and services, time-keeping, etc. One uses mathematics to calculate how much tax to pay and the amount of inflation certain commodity can have in the next two years.
Such is a critical in making the right decision. Moreover, knowing the number of people in percentage the government has held for petty crimes or because of their race or religion can trigger a protest that can bring great socials changes. With evidence backed by the right numbers, one can petition the government to come up with better policies that guarantee the rights of all the citizens.
The most interesting part was how to use mathematics to enhance the learning of the English language and also understanding the concept of mathematics. It is possible for one to modify mathematics teaching to help the leaners to understand mathematics and at the same time learn English. One has to make sure the learning process must involve clear goals and objectives of learning both English and Mathematics concepts. The main idea is to kill two birds with one stone. For example, the teacher may begin by first teaching the key vocabulary for the relevant mathematics lesson. If one was to introduce shapes, one must first teach the names of shapes as pure English and later match them with the shapes they represent. Such would help put the lesson into perspective.
The teacher needs also to use clear and conscience language in the instructions. This idea is very good in main the learned grasp the ideas, for example, the teacher may say “Show me a triangle” or “touch the square.” Theses approaches would make the learner know what to do if the teacher demonstrates accurately. Demonstration is critical in teaching and helps the learner develop a mental image of the ideas taught and helps in remembering them easily.

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