Case Study On Coronary Artery Disease And Death

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Objective of the presentation

There has been increase in the admission of patients suffering from coronary artery disease recently. Those who are not fortunate to reach the hospital in time die due to heart attack. Most of the patients who are admitted at the hospital cannot comprehend their status since a while ago they lived a comfortable and normal life. Majority of these patients have no recent record, ideas or knowledge of suffering from any illness. Thus, this shows majority of the patients have little knowledge of the disease. Therefore, this recent development of coronary artery disease and increase in death cause by it has necessitated this initiative. The objective of this initiative is to bring to light the danger of the coronary disease and how it can be prevented and treated. Additionally this presentation will shed light on health disparity on this disease and efforts taken by different organizations and individuals in a dressing the problems related to coronary artery disease.

Background of the disease

The coronary disease is one of the worst chronic silent killers in the United State. This is due fact that it takes years to develop. A person may not have the idea that they have the disease until they suffer a heart a heart attack. The signs and symptoms of this disease only appear at very advance stage. The diseases takes years and decades to developed. As the disease builds up in the body, the patient may not have an idea that they are suffering from the disease since there no evidence or signs to show the existence of the diseases unless a person goes for screening. The disease is caused by building up of the plague (Cholesterol-containing deposits) on the inner walls of the heart arteries (Nabel & Braunwald, 2012). As result of this build up of the plaque, the lumen of the artery is narrow which result in the reduction of the blood flow to the heart. Additionally, as the result of decrease bloods flow to the heart, oxygen content reaching the heart is also affected. This can cause damage to heart muscles which can lead to death The symptoms associated to coronary artery disease are chest pain, decrease exercise tolerance and shortness of breath.
The risk of developing or diagnosed with coronary artery disease increases with age, unhealthy lifestyle like smoking, diabetes, high blood cholesterol , obesity, lack of exercise , stress and high blood pressure. Various researches have shown that there is high preference of the disease among the men than the women (Mohr et al., 2013). The disease can also be inherited from parents. The disease can be treated or prevented through healthy diet and lifestyle, surgery (coronary artery bypass surgery-CABG), frequent physical exercise, stop smoking, weight loss, avoiding stress and medication.

Ways to optimize the health of people with Heart Disease

Coronary artery disease can be reduced in adult population by encouraging healthy lifestyle. This is where the adults can be engage in frequent physical activities which will make their bodies active and burn extra cholesterol (Liu et al., 2012). Additionally, adults should be encouraged to consume nutritious diet low in cholesterol. This population should also be encourage avoid stress and get treatment for hypertension and diabetes. However, the best way to avoid Coronary artery disease is going for regular checkups since this disease is genetic and it can be passed from one generation to another without giving any alarming signs. Hence it’s essential to go for checkups regularly. On the other hand, this disease can be reduced in children by encouraging healthy diet, avoiding obesity and checking their weight regularly, encourage physical activities like sports and regular checkups (Mozaffarian et al., 2015)

Disparity among different segments of the population

The statistics show that there is wide disparity in the population on the people who are affected by the disease. The African American and the White population are the most affected communities with this disease. The least affected communities by this disease are Hispanic, American Indian and Asian/ Pacific Islander (Healthy people 2020, 2014). Additionally, the statistics also show the prevalence of the disease is more on the male adult than the female adult. The disease is also common in adults who are of 45 years and above.

The resources

CDC (center for Disease Control and prevention) provides an excellent platform where the public and health professional can visit have a look at the effects of the disease and how it can be prevented. The website also gives statistics on the disease.
The health people 2020 is another website which show the disparity of the disease and what the government is planning to curb the effects of the disease.
The national institute of health (NIH- National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute), this website has number of materials and research which have been done on the disease and other heart diseases. These materials can be of great help to the people who wants to find more information on coronary artery disease.
 American Heart Association, this organization has dedicates its efforts and resources in educating the public on the heart diseases including coronary artery diseases.
Georgia department of Public health is an example of community resources organization which is dedicated in health promotion and prevention about the disease.
WHO - is another organization which is involved in providing resources and information on this disease at the community level.


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