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Stroke can be denoted to as a brain failure, it is something very important to note at an early stages since it results into or leads to low blood flow to the brain, that is the brain will die as it goes without blood for some period. There are many types of Stroke inclusive of Ischemic stroke, Thrombotic stroke, Embolic stroke and Hemorrhagic stroke.

Symptoms supporting a diagnosis of stroke

Face dropping
The face of someone may suddenly become weak, and the individual starts losing vision. Thus, emergency care should be taken to help save the life of Mr. J since such an experience is an indication of a stroke.

Arm weakens

Difficulty in speech
As well as Mr. J could experience arm weakness and face drop, he also had difficulties in speaking; he had a slurred speech that was a symptom of stroke. Thus, Mr. J needs an immediate treatment since time is key in stroke treatment, the earlier, the better chances of recovery.

The risk factors Mr. J presents for the development of stroke

There are a number of factors that increases the chances of Mr. J’s development of Stroke. These factors include high blood pressure, previous history of transient ischemic attack, smoking habits, high blood cholesterol level, obesity and inactive lifestyle since he lacks exercise in his daily routine. The age bracket of Mr. J also stands as a risk factor for the development of stroke; this is because stroke mostly develops with persons of forty years of age and above.
These risk factors present with Mr. J shows the development of stroke as the above-listed factors increase the chance of stroke, but sometimes it normally occurs even with persons who does not see the above factors as it may happen due to the problems with the blood vessels.

Type of stroke Mr. J most likely had

Evidence is presented to support the Mr. J had experienced previous TIAs
Atrial fibrillation as a risk factor for embolic stroke
Atrial fibrillation can be referred to as irregular heart rhythm. Thus it is a risk factor for an embolic stroke that is mainly caused by blood clot which travels from the heart to the brain housing a minor blood vessel. The blood clot will prevent the blood flow to the brain areas hence reducing the quantity of oxygen that reaches the brain. Thus, irregular heart rhythm remains one of the major causes of embolic stroke.

Rationale for each of the interventions conducted for Mr. J

This was due to the symptoms Mr. J experienced and the adverse effects of stroke thus it was necessary to assists him with care and proper medication

Why Mr. J was taking each of the medications prescribed at home

Three high-priority nursing diagnosis based on Mr. J’s assessment.
The three high- priority nursing diagnosis as per Mr.J assessment can be concluded as ineffective cerebral tissue perfusion, impaired verbal communication and impaired physical mobility. These are mostly seen from the symptoms that supported his diagnosis of stroke.

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