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In USA, most of the people have the scientific knowledge in most of the sectors of life and development. However, most of them are always thinking of the breakthrough in new scientific discoveries, and they think very highly of the scientists, and they are valued to some extent. Most of the studies conducted show that people do have varied opinions about the scientists and science itself. Some have great respect to science in areas they feel they benefit while at some points they get to have different and diverse opinions about the new discoveries in science. A survey done in the United States indicates that though the majority of people in this area think that the science aids in solving most of the challenging problems and the scientists are dedicated people who work for humanity, others feel otherwise and thinks that science and scientists are the sources of the world problems (Chatterjee et al. 497). The work tends to look at the varied opinions on the effects of science on the lives of people that are both negative and positive.
The greatest anti-science act ever witnessed is the fact that the children are denied the chance by their parents to get a vaccination for the fear of autism. The vaccines used in vaccination are considered and the most effective interventions within the public health sector in the prevention of mortality, morbidity and the costs of public health brought about by communicable diseases. In the USA today, there is a drastic decline in the frequency rates of vaccine avoidable ailments which is ever low. Most of the parents at the moment are avoiding vaccinations of their children despite the enormous success of the vaccination program in the US. Parents have been put to believe that there are side effects of vaccination that has fuelled anti-vaccination movement. Parents are no longer trusting the doctors. It is the level of anti-science within these regions, and people are shifting their minds and thoughts to the kind of technological advancement they need (Charo et al,. 1905).
The shift in behavior within this region has affected so many states within the united states and most of the people are believing that vaccination should be done at a very later stage in life since children should be given a grace period for their immune systems to act and kill any disease-causing organisms and viruses that may attack. It is the greatest war on science ever witnessed in the United States, and people tend to believe the people spearheading this campaign. Most of the people no longer trust the doctors to vaccinate their children because they believe on the strengths of their kid’s immune system citing much-disputed information that children can be crippled through vaccination (Chatterjee et al.497). The controversy affects a number of parents and not all, parents who vaccinate their children accuse the other of endangering the larger growing population.
The center of disease control and prevention (CDC) in the US have been threatened by this campaign as they fear for the lives of the growing population. Through scientific discoveries, vaccinations were discovered to prevent and protect the growing children from the attack of some kinds of dangerous diseases which were more susceptible in children. The center advocates for the vaccination of all the children to create enough of a herd immunity effect in protecting a community.
The war of science is very evident and there are a lot of campaigns going around in the US fighting the vaccination while this grown up population are forgetting that they owe their lives and health to the work of science which provided them with the right medication. The campaign is very risky and should be discouraged since if left to go ahead it will affect so many people and in the long run people may end up campaigning against all kinds of medication provided in the country (Chatterjee et al. 597). After the outbreak of measles in California State President Obama in his interview with NBC News encouraged people to take their children for vaccination, “You should get your kids vaccinated, I get to understand that there are families concerned about the impact of vaccinations but the science is, you know, pretty indisputable.”
Religion has also been involved in the hastening of this campaign due to the never-ending conflicts between these two parallel entities. Religious and scientific war is not stopping any soon. Religion has a feeling that man is trying to compete God with these discoveries, and, therefore, the scientists feel that God does not exist. With vaccination, most of the religions believes that children should be left to live with Gods power, therefore, no need for vaccination. Religion relies on spiritual healing rather than the formal policy of immunization (Charo et al, .1905). On the contrary, the same religion doctrines advocates for the preservation of life, caring for others, and duty to the community. The respect for science in this field of immunization is being lost, and most people are believed to be convinced that vaccination has more disadvantages than advantages.

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