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Modern life world civilization is characterized by extremely rapid development. Under these conditions, reaching of success in every state depends on the highly qualified personnel in high-tech industries. Progress virtually in all sectors of activity depends on people who have non-standard way of perceiving the world around us, who are extremely active, energetic, and functional, and can achieve in their chosen field results.
Like most mighty river originates from thousands of sources and hundreds of small rivers, in almost the same way social progress consists of the activities of thousands and millions of creative individuals. That creative people are able to overcome the inertia of society to reform it. Therefore, the priority of the state policy is the problem of giftedness, creativity, intelligence, which determines the search, training and education of gifted children and young people, encouraging creative work, protection and support talent. In various countries this problem is solved in different ways. However, the achievements and successes of the most developed countries in the field of science, industry, new technology development, culture and education indicate the need for a radical restructuring of the entire education system in order to create conditions for the gifted person to freely express their abilities to develop in accordance with their inclinations.(Klau, Boyd, Luckow & Heifetz, 2006)
In the leading countries of the world the problem of giftedness widely developed since the mid-twentieth century, when at the turn of 50-60-ies the schools for talented children and youth were set up. In many new countries, the question of creating a system of gifted person becomes a prerequisite for success in the way of building an independent state. At the moment, the very fate of the countries that have just achieved their independence to a certain extent depends on how effectively intellectual and creative capacity of its citizens will be used.
That is why the issue of scientific and pedagogical solution to the problem of identification and development of creative abilities of the younger generation is a question of special importance. Also the creation of the theoretical foundations of an effective state system of support of talented youth should also be applied.
The problem of training and education of gifted children has gained particular significance at the threshold of the twenty-first century. A noticeable acceleration in the political and intellectual comprehension of social, technical, economic and cultural phenomena specific to globalization has necessitated the creation of a system of support and protection of the interests of gifted students, changed the view on approaches to teaching the groups of gifted young people. Today the problem of gifted education is directly related to the new conditions and requirements of a rapidly changing world, which gave birth to the idea of organizing purposeful education of people with pronounced ability in a particular area of knowledge.(Stevens, 2009)
Modern society is a society of global change, constant creative evolution, which is affected by mechanisms that combine social factors and individual factors, totally unpredictable and often radically new. The pace of development of modern society depends on the creative effort of the person from those capacity and capabilities it possesses. Thus, globalization stimulates the activity of the individual, points to the need to prepare it for the future, setting new goals and objectives of the education system.(Kress, 2006)
Among the goals and objectives of the educational policy of the entire world community, the most important is to use the intellectual potential of the individual in appropriate way, the development of the strategy of intensive learning. Such an implementation requires the mobilization of scientists and educators to prepare the person, capable of integrating into a modern high-tech world of knowledge and information, as the main engine of progress at the present stage of development of society recognized a comprehensive approach «science-technology-innovation,» and modern specialist working in that field of activity should have valuable knowledge and ability to apply them.(Kress, 2006)
The methodology of work with gifted children is now particularly widespread in the United States. The modern level of economic and social development of the United States requires to have professionals in any field of activity of high professional level. In this regard attention has been paid to the needs of gifted students, because of the conviction of American scientists that potential development of any society, first of all, depends on gifted kids.
At the present stage of development according to the majority of American researchers «giftedness» mainly refers the potential for advances at an extremely high level compared with other people of that age, education, and social environment. Gifted and talented children referred to those assessment of experienced professionals, by virtue of outstanding abilities that demonstrate high achievements. These gifted children have need in specialized training programs. Prospects for the development of these children are determined by the level of their achievements and potential in one or more areas: intellectual, academic achievement, creative or productive thinking, communication and leadership, artistic and psychomotor activity.(Stevens, 2009)
Allocation of many kinds of giftedness serves an important purpose that is to draw attention to a wider range of abilities that should be recognized and opportunities for their further development.


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