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Management & Employee Relations


It can be clearly stated by examining the history of Ford that the company lays high importance of employee-employer relationship. It properly understands the need for managing employer-employee relationships. In general, staff relation is a term used for describing an organization’s efforts for preventing and resolving issues coming up from situations at workplace (Beaumont, 1995). At Ford it is believed that the chief objective of a staff relations program is increasing staff satisfaction and maintaining good morale amongst employees. Contended employees are more productive and higher productivity implies towards an improved bottom line for the company. Ford with sound employee relations offers consistent and fair treatment to all staff members to make sure that they remain committed towards their jobs and trustworthy towards the corporation.
Employee relations initiatives at Ford are normally fraction of a human resources strategy developed for ensuring the most efficient utilization of people for accomplishing the company’s mission. Moreover, human resource approaches are deliberate plans Ford uses for helping them to attain and uphold a competitive edge within the market. Ford believes that one way for staying ahead is ensuring that the staff members are contented so that they stay with the company for long.
One among the highly effective ways used by Ford for ensuring sound employee relations is adopting a human resource strategy which lays a high importance on staff members as stakeholders within the company. Stakeholders are basically individuals who are dedicated, financially or otherwise, towards an organization and are impacted by its achievement or letdown (Desimone et. al., 2002). Ford clearly understands that at the time when staff members are regarded as more than merely paid workers, but actual stakeholders having the authority for affecting results, they would feel more appreciated for the tasks they carry out. However, in spite of such high focus laid by the company towards management and employee relations still there are few challenges which company requires addressing. Further, the continuing sections throw light on the issues associated with management and employee relations at Ford.

Challenges at Ford

The issues prevalent at Ford include workplace conflicts, communication issue and employee recognition. The challenges have been discussed in detail in the below sections.

Workplace Conflict

Conflict is regarded as being a vital fraction of all relationships – the “predictable outcome of the articulation of disparity”. It is inevitable, normal, and essential and could develop or negatively impact relationships (Beaumont, 1995). Even though, it is frequently observed like a negative occurrence, conflict could be productive or destructive, based upon how it’s managed. Firstly, productive conflict results in communication, enhances participation and lastly, builds capability, dedication and relationships (Desimone et. al., 2002). Whereas, destructive conflict results in employees becoming discontented, inflexible, stressed, disempowered and less productive. Workplace conflict includes misunderstandings, personality differences, diverse objectives and roles, performance issues, workload problems, working hours, pay, health and safety issues, cooperation levels, competition for resources, ethical or professional and lastly, abuse (Dundon & Rollinson, 2007).
Taking the case of Ford into consideration it can be stated that the company is facing the issue of workplace conflict. The workplace conflicts prevalent at Ford take in misunderstandings and diverse objectives. There have been situations in the company when there has been misunderstanding among the employees and management chiefly due to clashes in viewpoint of both the groups i.e. employee and employer. In such a situation employees show bit reluctance in agreeing to what employer states and follow their directions.


The most significant aspect for effective relationships with staff members is communication. For feeling involved in the business, staff members must be updated of what is happening with the corporation, taking in plans of management and the way those plans might impact their tasks (Dundon & Rollinson, 2007). Management could keep employees informed about the most recent developments through several means, taking in email announcements, staff portals, newsletters, regular meetings as well as special events. Efficient communications goes both ways; staff members should feel like their viewpoints, concerns and feelings is being properly heard by managers (Beaumont, 1995). Open communication lines could be informal, like everyday interactions among supervisors and employees, or formal means for staff feedback, like workplace satisfaction surveys or appeals and grievance processes (Strauss, 2006). 
Appeals and grievances are procedures that make possible for staff members to challenge management decisions or workers problems by way of a formal dispute resolution procedure (Dundon & Rollinson, 2007). Although, there are appropriate means present at Ford for employees to put across their viewpoints still the flow of communication from top to bottom is ineffective and irregular. This result in employees, being unknown about the changes taking place within the company on regular basis.

Employee Recognition

Several companies carry out periodic (frequently yearly) staff performance reviews and offer prospects for individual recognition. Staff members would be more involved in case if they feel they are being acknowledged for their ideas and efforts (Strauss, 2006). Staff members could be offered rewards for their efforts or for an exceptional achievement or contribution. Further, taking the case of Ford there is lack employee recognition for exceptional efforts put in by the staff members. This results in low motivation among employees to put in their best efforts.

Impact on Ford

The issues prevailing at Ford including workplace conflicts, communication issue and employee recognition could have a negative impact on the company and its operations. They can result in higher level of employee turnover, dissatisfaction amongst the staff members, negative effect on employees and productivity, eventually impacting the company in an unconstructive manner; lack of motivation among the employees to put in their best efforts and unhealthy working environment. The challenges prevalent at Ford are related to different topics discussed in the class. These include workplace conflicts, diverse perspectives of employees, workplace clashes, ineffective communication, low motivation, high employee turnover and lack of recognition among employees.
Recommendations and conclusion


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