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Response to “From Barbie Doll to the Korean Wave”
The paper portrays a wide variety of issues faced by the society on matters of beauty and self-consciousness. The fact that people and cultures do not embrace their individuality and try to go with the flow is sort of a major problem which arises in these cases.
The definition of beauty itself is no very vivid and exact. According to my personal experience, beauty is an indefinable state. Whatever pleases the eye is beautiful. The effort of defining beauty has led to the predicament stated I the paper. On the earlier interviews of the paper, big eyes are identified as a sign of beauty. It has been very correctly stated that the definition of beauty has changed through time and era according to the needs and trends of the time.
The impact of television and media on cultures is one of the reasons of body alterations and transfigurations. In the 50s, beauty was defined in a different way as opposed to today. Having introduced the aspect of television beauty as opposed to day-to-day beauty has led people to consort to surgeries. The beauties shown on television programs may not be natural beauty as well. They themselves may have done surgeries to achieve that look. It does not require people to change themselves accordingly.
People fail to accept and use their individuality and which makes them go with the flow. They are afraid to stand out. Following the beauty standards of other cultures and whatever is portrayed on the media has led to these modifications. If people do not follow the media personalities, it won’t affect their love life or how beautiful they look. The facial contour modifications arose from when ramp models appeared beautiful. We have to bear in mind that they use makeup and other effects to appear beautiful. Their contour is not completely natural but accentuated by cosmetics.
Barbie became a symbol of beauty in the mid 70’s in China. The use of a manufactured plastic doll to define female beauty is the reason of the diseases which are rampant today. It has been proven scientifically that women need a certain amount of body fat to menstruate. It is unnatural to be excessively thin. People today are more inclined toward unnatural physiques and beauty.
Using tummy tuck surgeries and facial restructuring to achieve model like contours and hourglass shapes are ways to make oneself more appreciated. Stopping these alterations and putting a stop to programs which show beautiful ladies as slim and fair with varying facial contours may help change the definition of beauty. There is need to stop such depictions as they lead to cases of mental and physical illness like anorexia and unhealthy body clocks. Setting parameters of beauty is the reason why people are led here. A sort of brainwashing is under process which is defining beauty.
A voluptuous physique is a sign of healthiness and is taken as beauty in some aspects. The author does however stereotype the mankind when in reality some people do accept scrawny physiques as beautiful. They appreciate a slightly fat build of women. However, a large populace stills thinks that a slim abdomen and a contoured face are the signs of beauty. It is not always so. A need is there to change the depictions of beauty on television and media to change the mindset of people.

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