Free Essay About Atomic Light (Shadow Optics) By Akira Lippit

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If ten years ago someone had predicted today's success of Japanese cinema, this prophet would have laughed. Asian cinema is going through one crisis after another, the followers of Akira Kurosawa did not declare himself any more or less decent picture, and the country is in full Hi-Tech reveled exclusively technological advances.
But no coincidence that cultural studies claim that the coming century - the century of Asia. The world flood of Japanese literature, anime, manga and movies. Strange movie, original and exotic phenomenon which instantly became a subject of deep research and heated debate. What is the uniqueness of the Eastern cinema?
In his book, Akira Lippit considers the many reasons why contemporary art in Japan is so special. He sees a lot of examples of how technology has turned our life and make art a completely different concept. He compares the film and atomic weapons, cinema and rentgnen, thus emphasizing that science and art go hand in hand has a lot of centuries, and they can be equally devastating.
Japanese film - movie contemplative. Emphasis - on visual imagery, all the depth of meaning hidden in images. Existence, the essence, the essence is not concentrated in the semantic kernel, and abstract touch to the human soul. Intricate or simple frames deliberately cause a lot of feelings and associations, but most importantly - finish, in most cases by the end of the credits can be determined, like the picture or not.
Contemplation - a very subtle weapon in the hands of a skilled director. In mediocre films she turns overwhelming boredom. The operator can remove the ten-minute concentration interior random barn, heroes can leisurely wander from one end of town to another, and do not doubt - you will be all that simple way. And God forbid the operator to see the butterfly on blown hydrangeas - the life of an insect viewer is forced to watch another quarter of an hour.
Hand in hand with an emphasis on the visual range is silence. Silence of the heroes in principle and has many meanings. This is a tribute to Zen Buddhism, the Great Void, based on the universe. Often, the main characters do not say a single word in the entire movie, rarely cry, even more rarely - laugh. But the silent heroes - not just universal quality of Japanese cinema, is a hallmark of a specific class of films that are recognized literally the first shot.

‘No Apocalypse, Not Now’ by Jacques Derrida

In his work, the author examines issues of nuclear weapons and how change in attitudes towards this type of energy over time. For the modern world nuclear war is the most likely factor man-made disaster, followed by the destruction of all wildlife. Lowering the temperature, ionizing radiation, precipitation decrease, from entering the atmosphere of various toxic substances, as well as increased exposure to UV radiation - the simultaneous effect of all these factors will result in permanent impairment of life of communities and the ability to regenerate over a long period of time.
Scientists envision three possible effect of global conflict involving nuclear weapons. Firstly, as a result of lowering the temperature of the world by tens of degrees, as well as reduce the light of the planet, will come the so-called nuclear winter and nuclear night. All the vital processes on the Earth will be cut off from the main source of energy - the sun. Secondly, due to the destruction of radioactive waste storage and nuclear power plants will pollution of the world's territory. The third factor is the hunger of planetary scale. Thus, nuclear war would lead to a reduction in crop plants.
Nature of the influence of nuclear war universal scope of the surrounding world is such that, whenever it occurred, the result of one - a global biological disaster, we can say end of the world. Mid 70s was for the people of Earth something like a tipping point, where many finally began to understand all the possible consequences of the international exchange of nuclear strikes, which are able to overcome all the worst predictions. However, despite this, all attention was focused on the scientific study of the direct factors affecting the land, the effect of a nuclear air bursts, they actually studied thermal radiation, shock waves and radioactive fallout. And scientists have begun to take into account the global environmental problems. If the world will begin a nuclear war, which occur as a result of explosions of nuclear bombs, it will lead to thermal radiation and radioactive fallout local character. Indirect effects, such as destruction of power distribution systems, communication systems and public foundations, likely to lead to serious problems. While it is probable that there will come a nuclear war, in any case can not ride a disastrous impact such a tragedy on the biological sphere, because the consequences can not be predicted.

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