Good Example Of Parts Of Computer System Essay

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A computer is a device that has been programmed to carry out different logical and arithmetic operations. A computer system consists of interconnected computers operating independently having a centralized storage and different peripheral devices, for example printers, scanners or routers. The different parts of a computer system are classified into four basic units, input, storage, central processing and output unit.
Input unit: Input is done with the help of input devices. They are keyboard and mouse, trackball, touchpad and scanner. The keyboard resembles a typewriter. It has some additional function keys for special functions. The mouse is used to move the cursor on the display screen. Trackball helps to enter motion data. A movable ball on the top can be rolled in any direction and is similar to a mouse. A touchpad helps to point on a display screen .It works by sensing finger movements and downward pressure. A scanner helps to read text or illustrations on paper.
Storage unit: The memory of the computer can be classified as primary memory and secondary memory. The primary memory is RAM and ROM .Random Access Memory is a unit where the operating system, data and application programs are temporarily kept to be accessed while the computer is on. Read Only Memory is that which can be used for reading only. In the Secondary Memory there are two types of storage devices, they are magnetic and optical. The hard disk is a magnetic device and optical devices are CDs, DVDs, pen drive, zip drives etc. Data and programs are stored .Their capacity ranges from 1GB to 80GB and are rewritable.CD can store large amount of information and is portable. The storage capacity ranges between 650-700MB.It can be read and write type or read only. The Digital Video Disk has large capacity.
Central Processing Unit. This includes Arithmetic Logic Unit and Control Unit. Arithmetic functions, calculations and instruction based processes are carried out in the ALU.The Control Unit is in control of all operations like input, processing and output.
Output Devices: The information from the CPU is received by the output device and presented to the user in required form. The output is given as a hard copy on paper or on the display device. The devices are Monitor, Printer, Plotter, FAX, speakers and soundcards. A monitor displays the information keyed and also the processed output. Monitors are available in different sizes. Printers are used to print the processed information on paper. There are two types. They are impact and Non –impact printers. A plotter is used to print graphs and line drawings using multicolored automated pens. They are useful in drawing charts, maps etc. A FAX machine helps to send and receive pictures and text with a telephone line. The modern personal computers require sound cards to manipulate and output sounds. It helps to record sound and the sound stored in the disk is sent through the speakers after manipulation.
The different components of a computer make the efficient working of the computer. Computers have become very important in the present day as it helps to do work faster and with accuracy. Advanced technological innovations have made it possible to get connected from all over the world with the help of computers and networking. A continuous change is taking place in technology .Hence the computer parts also needs upgrading as required.

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