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The most famous and important characters of the ancient Greek literature are Penelope and Odysseus, who are similar as well as different in several ways. Penelope and Odysseus, a committed married couple possesses the same characteristics in terms of defending against the enemies. However, Odysseus being a male is hostile when compared to Penelope. In spite of difference in boldness, Penelope and Odyssey are similar in terms of stubbornness and wit. On one occasion, Odysseus convinces Cyclops to drink wine and then stabs him in the eye to allow his men to run away. In the same way, Penelope plays a trick by luring the suitors that she would marry one of them after weaving the rug. She undoes the rug every few nights and makes no progress in order to avoid the remarriage. Both Penelope and Odysseus demonstrate that it is love, which allows the lovers to achieve their ultimate goal. The lovers fulfill their role through willful behavior in spite of separation. In the absence of Odysseus, Penelope decides to end her life instead of marrying a suitor, which proves her dedication in love.
In the similar way, Odysseus stays committed to his love even in the presence of the goddess Calypso and other beautiful women around him. Penelope’s loneliness and Odysseus’ desire to return home soon show the couple’s love and desperation for each other. Amidst the wooers, both Penelope and Odysseus succeed through their eagerness and slyness to reunite. To censure people who were responsible for his household’s suffering, Odysseus makes sure that he causes pain as their punishment. While Odysseus acts in a hostile way in treating the people, Penelope acts discretely. Penelope defers her remarriage, which is evident of her dedication towards Odysseus. Odysseus expresses his anger towards disloyal suitors and servants through violence. In the same way, Penelope also tricks the suitors in an intelligent way. Penelope and Odysseus represent to the world that the lovers who yearn for each other achieve success through mere determination and dedication despite of isolation and separation. Both are loyal to each other despite the distractions from suitors. Penelope and Odysseus are different in their attitude. While Penelope is humble, Odysseus is arrogant.
It is due to his arrogance that Odysseus receives punishment from Poseidon. On the other hand, throughout the story, Penelope is calm, kind and humble. While Odysseus was away from home for twenty long years, Penelope believes that he is still alive. Odysseus takes the help of Athena to return home. He is dependent on Athena along with his witty intelligence to escape from the enemies. On the contrary, Penelope is independent and applies her tricks without taking the help of anyone, which presents her strength and fortitude. While showing respect and piety towards the Gods, Odysseus also plays his wits to reunite with his wife. The couple stands as an example of familial love. As soon as Odysseus returns, Penelope challenges him to prove his identity, which describes Penelope’s commitment towards her husband. She orders for the test of bow among the suitors and Odysseus not to assess the suitor but to identify Odysseus. To conclude, both Odysseus and Penelope are equal and perfect mates for one another. While Odysseus is a strong man who craves to reunite with his wife, Penelope is an independent woman who plays her wits waiting for her lover.

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