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Maslow’s hierarchy of needs explains the fact that human motivation is affected by their own needs, which are in a continuous evolution, because by its nature, the human being is a “perpetually wanting animal” (Maslow 370). Maslow described five human needs that influence motivation, organized in a pyramid of needs, containing the “basic needs (psychological, safety, love or esteem) and growth needs (self-actualization) (McLeod, “Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs”). Once the psychological and safety needs (food and shelter) are met, humans target new needs to accomplish, such as the need to be loved, to have close friends, to have the feeling of belonging to a group of people or to create a family. After this point is also achieved, people look to be respected, appreciated for their work and/or social condition. In the end, and only two percent of humans reach this point, the ultimate need that people desire to fulfill is the self-actualization, wherein they overpass the basic needs and search for higher experiences and a higher meaning of life (McLeod, “Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs”).
Practically, the needs are the ones that motivate people’s actions, being the engine that gathers human energy, capability and ability for reaching the envisioned purpose, according to Maslow’s (389) theory.
In relation with these findings, every individual associates with a certain hierarchical need level, which shapes customized motivation pyramids. At the basis of my motivation pyramid stays the need of alimentation and rest. Because I have certain food preferences, my alimentation need is not to be perceived with the simplicity of Maslow’s vision of this primary need. I like to eat healthy food because it gives me positive energy. I am careful at the composition of my meals, in order to have a balanced diet; otherwise I feel that this basic need is not fulfilled. Likewise, I need a balanced schedule, with around 7-8 hours sleep per night, for regaining my energy. Once the rest healthy food needs are satisfied, I can start thinking at my safety needs, such as the necessity of having an accommodation or to achieve good results in school for safeguarding my academic performances. I cannot achieve these needs if I am tired, hungry or if I do not feel quite positively about my diet’s content. Similarly, I am also seeking to make good friends and long lasting relationships with my colleagues and eventually to find somebody special for a romantic relationship. For me, all these needs come all at once. I target to get my own apartment, fulfilling my shelter needs; I pursue affection and friendship to meet my love and companionship needs and I strive to obtain good academic results for safety and esteem needs. Personally, I am pursuing distinct hierarchical needs at one time. I have all these motivations in mind and mi actions are directed towards achieving them simultaneously (Moutinho, Bigné & Manrai 32).
For fulfilling my shelter motivation I am currently renting an apartment, but my goal is to one day have my own apartment, securing like this the safety need. Because in the current economy purchasing an apartment is not a matter of basic needs, implying a considerable financial effort, the motivation for permanent shelter is overpassed chronologically by the motivation of achieving social actualization, to be part of a group, accepted, cared for and loved for who I am. I am motivated by my needs to pursue all these objectives, but unlike how Maslow proposes, I do not have the same order of satisfying my needs as depicted I the hierarchy of needs.
I have a shelter, but a non-permanent one, which allows me to further seek to satisfy my social and esteem needs. While for me it is important to make friends, it is similarly important to achieve others’ esteem, coming from my professional and academic achievements. I therefore endeavor to fulfill both needs at once.
Based on this personal need assessment, a presenter could tap into my goals by motivating me to achieve great academic results, which would make me popular and respected among my peers. Likewise, the goal of making friends and strong inter-human relationships could be optimized and triggered by a presenter who would enhance me to develop my soft skills, such as communication, active listening or empathy. With these abilities, my soft social side would be activated, making me prepared for developing inter-human relationships, creating friends and fulfilling my companionship need.
However, more than love, friendship and companionship, more than receiving others’ respect for my successes, I am motivated to achieve an estate of self-actualization, which will guide me towards wanting more for myself in terms of academic results. Moreover, I am seeking to achieve an outstanding corporate career, wherein I should not solely be satisfied by reaching specific targets, but I should strive to reach higher than my superior would expect. I know that through academic discipline I can develop the right set of skills needed to pursue a successful career and to become a reputable manager one day, guiding people on their career paths, helping communities and bringing significant results in my environment.

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