Type of paper: Essay

Topic: Tartuffe, White Collar Crime, Fraud, Bad Faith, Absorption, Self-Absorption

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Published: 2020/11/10

Orgon and Madame Pernelle certainly do not see Tartuffe clearly for what he is. Eventually Orgon realizes the man is an utter fraud and snake, but it takes him actually having to witness Tartuffe’s true nature when he attempts to kiss his wife. Prior to this event, Tartuffe very nearly has laid claim to everything Orgon owns. So why is Orgon utterly blind when it comes to Tartuffe? Simply because he is self-absorbed, has a penchant for needing to believe in things and is gullible.
Orgon is so wrapped up in himself he simply cannot see that Tartuffe is a fraud. Even with his own brother and children attempting to enlighten him, Orgon is fixated on him always being right as well as his way being the only way he refuses to really listen. In fact, he disowns his son for speaking badly about Tartuffe. Orgon’s self-absorption with his persona and his system of rule in his house do not enable him to possess clear vision.
Orgon’s need to believe in something otherworldly also hinders his judgment in regards to Tartuffe and is directly connected to his self-absorption. It is his way or the highway and because he wants to believe Tartuffe represents everything he values, than it must be so. There can be no other way in his mind. Once his course is set nothing will steer him from it.
In conclusion, Orgon is simply gullible. How could someone continue to fall hook, line and sinker for something that is so obviously not true? Or not listen to friends and family when they have your best interests at heart? Orgon is just a very weak man who is easy prey for Tartuffe because he has many fatal flaws.

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