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Gender stereotyping has been a subject that has prevailed for a long time. People have always thought that the women role has been to make a home and take care of the home and raise up kids and the family as most of the men in our class discussion asserted. They are also believed to do well in professions that are considered feminine like nursing, teaching, catering and secretarial works. It explains the notion that made the male students in class have the conception that it has always been that way because when we were discussing bout this topic they seemed to be on the affirmative. Whenever the women rise to talk, they have always been shut down by the opposite sex and have always been taught to be too aggressive. People tend to appreciate what the man has said and don’t give much thought to what women say albeit forming the basis of major decisions. The notion that females have no rights in the society has given rise to many injustices and inequality against what women say and do in the society. Many women fear that talking too much or voicing their concerns in a male dominated society will earn them unpopularity.
As we were deliberating bout this subject in class, the male students seemed to lean to the stereotyping aspect that has bedeviled the world for a long time that women are better off as homemakers. The most prominent area where women have been sidelined is politics. Many people think that women have no say in the political world because it is a male-dominated world. They resort to keeping their opinions to themselves although they are often the most important. As the male students in the class proclaimed that women are better at making homes, so they think that they can’t fit in any political position. Women believe that their ideas and thoughts would not be taken into consideration because they are always shut down when they try to voice their apprehensions. Even in board rooms where serious cooperate issues and decisions are discussed, women are not given a chance to make their valuable contributions because of the traditional stereotyping that women cannot make any valuable contribution to the society. However, women have risen above these problems and challenges to become a force to reckon with in the society in crucial matters like politics and business.
During our discussion in class about this subject, the male and female students alike based their arguments on the defined gender roles of every grouping in the society. Whatever arguments we presented on the role of the women in society during our discussion is based on the notion that men are strong, and women are emotional. However, as misplaced as the arguments could be, the stereotypical ideologies regarding gender roles should be thrashed and done away with. Evident from the fact that women are good keepers of homes, as the male students declared, they can also be good custodians of a nation, business, a state or a group of people in a capacity as leaders, if given a chance to do so. As men can do jobs that need high intelligence as claimed, like engineering as the male students proclaimed, women are also able to perform these tasks and should be granted opportunities equal to the male gender. Women should be given time to express their views and give their perception of issues since they can also give their best on it if given a chance to.
Public administrators should be at the forefront to further the cause of gender equality in the society. We argued that as future leaders, we should cease thinking on the lines of gender bias and give the sexism subject the attention it requires in order to ensure that the female become as successful in the fields that are dominated by males. Therefore, this mindset that has led to the oppression and suppression of the female gender, always denying them a chance to express themselves freely in technical fields like engineering, innovation, technology, as well as science, should be eliminated. In conclusion, gender bias has been experienced everywhere with women falling as victims. Women are urged to stand for their place and defend their position as women with all chances and the freedom to express themselves and be listened to; ready to counter what men say without fear.

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