Free Plan To Combat Compassion Fatigue AND Burnout Essay Example

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Work burnout and stress are common phenomenon in a health care setting due to long work working hours, hostile clients, complexity of illnesses and divergent view from the colleagues. As such, lack of good sleep, losing temper and getting irritated are common occurrence which can hardly be avoided in this profession. Factors which contribute to these adverse occurrences and frustrations are strict work schedules, emergency cases, poor work procedures and schedules, errors and near misses, lack of data, poor relations, ethical dilemma and lack of resources/equipment. Thus, absenteeism, sick leave, depression, mental sickness and temper are frequent results of work burnout and stress. Notably, the health care setting is a complex environment with variety of persons that may or may not blend well with each other due to differences in character perspective on life, purpose, goals, culture and spiritual believes. Thus, regularly health practitioners differ with each other on how certain assignment should be carried out and who should be involved. Hence, in order to overcome this difficulty when it comes to building healthy relationship in the workplace, it is better to appreciate the contribution played by each staff and respect their work since they have a great role to play in ensuring that the health facility achieves its goals. Additionally, God has managed to place individuals in different work settings to ensure every person plays a greater role in making the world a better place. Every staff in a health facility has been assigned a duty by God so as to fulfill their purpose here on earth. Therefore, health practitioners and subordinates ought to work together irrespective of their differences to achieve a common goal and fulfill the assignment they have been given by God.

Part A:


Total 25/28 (Emotional adult)

Part B:
Principle 1

Total 21/24 (Emotional adult)

Principle 2

Total 19/24 (Emotional adolescent)

Principle 3

Total 22/28 (Emotional adult)

Principle 4

Total 20/24 (Emotional adult)

Principle 5

Total 16/20 (Emotional adult)

Principle 6

Total 32/40 (Emotional adult)

Burnout inventory
1. b
2. b
3. b
4. a
5. b
6. a
7. b
8. a
9. a
10. b
11. b
12. c

Total 39/48 {Feverish (elevated burnout risk)}

Being a nurse, I appreciate the fact that it is my mandate to give care to individuals that are sickly in the society. This is in line with the God’s requirement of serving others. However, there are challenges that are likely to present themselves in our efforts to serve others (Morrison & Korol, 2014). Incidences of burnout are likely to catch up with us when providing care to patients. From my own assessment, my burnout levels are at the Feverish stage. This implies that I am in a better position to manage my stress well but I’m likely to occasionally get trapped in stress levels that are likely to lead to depression and other sorts of illnesses (Morrison & Korol, 2014). Such burnout incidences may result from the fact that I may not receive adequate sleep due to cases of emergency that may come in while I’m at home relaxing. Therefore, such incidences are likely to make my temperament towards my work to change thus making me easily irritable (Morrison & Korol, 2014). This ease in irritability is likely to affect my concentration levels when performing daily activities like cleaning and cooking. Consequently, such overwhelming incidences will result in increased burnout incidences.
Although, mostly aim at a position to manage my stress level and intermingle with clients and colleagues comfortably, at times it come really hard to manage my stress level and fatigue especially during emergency and sudden change of work schedule. Additionally, differences in opinion and perspective with colleagues arise which affect my relation with them and which can be stressing.
Conclusively, it is vital to promote my spiritual well-being by addressing the factors that are likely to lead to burnout and stress. As such, sharing tribulations so as to come up with solutions concerning different problems in the healthcare setting is vital in promoting quality holistic care to patients. Changing operational procedures and schedules is also vital in reducing burnout incidences. Getting guidance from counselors and praying also form the basis under which I can be able to address my emotional burnout. Reading inspirational materials and meditation also, assist a lot in getting inner peace which goes a long way in curbing incidences of burnout and promote spiritual growth. Therefore, the aforementioned activities are targeted at promoting my spiritual growth and eliminating burnout incidences.


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