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Question 1: How long have you been working with Emirates airlines?

Here is the frequency table:
Question 2: How many contact centres do Emirates Airline have?
Question 3: How many hours do you work a day?
Question 4: How many customer calls do you receive per day?
Question 5: When is the peak and off-peak period based on the number of calls received per day?
An equal percentage of respondents identified, entire day, morning, afternoon, evening and night hours as the peak hours of the day. A higher percentage of 54.5% identified morning and afternoon hours as the peak hours of the day.

Question 6: What number of staff is required per day in the contact center?

54.4% of the respondents believe that there should be more than 100 workers in a contact centre per day. 36.4% believes that the number should be less than 10 per contact centre. Another 9.1% believe that the number should be between 10-100 workers.

Question 7: How often do the employees undergo additional training in customer service?

9.1% of the respondents claimed that the workers receive training once in a year. 36.4 percent asserted that they are offered training twice every year, 18.2 percent claimed to receive training thrice a year, and 9.1% says they get training more than four times a year while 27.3% rarely gets training.

Question 8: How long does it take before responding a complaint made by the Customer?

A greater number of respondents 44.5% agree that it takes less than 15 days to respond and solve a complaint, and equal percentage of 27.3 of the respondents says that it takes a day and less than 30days to solve a complaint.

Question 9: Do customers express their satisfaction in the responses made to their complaints?

A good number of customers occasionally respond their satisfaction with the solution given that is represented by 36.4%. There is no respondent who says a client has ever expressed dissatisfaction, though a 9.1% rarely respond.

Question 10: Give examples of most common complaints?

Among the most common complaints received by the workers at the contact centre include; negative staff attitude, delayed flights, wrong information from the customer service in regard to tickets, mishandling of baggage, seat comfort, aircraft type, on board issues, pilferage and baggage delays. According to the respondents the respondents these complaints vary from clients to clients some are in regard to on board issues while other is about the ground issue.

Question 11: How problems are solved?

According to the respondents some of the problems are solved on the sport while others require investigations and extensive discussions among various departments in order to arrive at a decisive decision. Most of the respondents agree that after an investigation is done then a solution is offered in accordance with the findings of the investigation.

Question 12: What is the most difficult complaint to resolve and how you deal with, explain?

Most of the respondents stated that a complaint that affects many departments is the most difficult since it takes time to consult with all the respective departments. In addition some of the clients stated injuries, re-imbursements and pilferages as the most difficult complaints to deal with.


This research contained both primary and secondary methods of data collection. Majorly a questionnaire was drafted to be filled by 11 Emirates Airline workers in the customer service department. I conducted my survey factoring in the gender equity and balance. Also in consideration were age differences so as to capture all the ages within the centre.
In regards to the number of the contact centres it is demonstrated from the study that there are only 9 contact centres operated by Emirates airlines. This is a low number of contact centres bearing the fact that it is a global airline operation in more than 20 countries.
In addition the number of hours worked by each worker is significantly high with more than 81.8% of the respondents working for more than 8.5hours. However, there is disparity in reception of call by the workers; a significant number (54.5) receives less than 10 calls a day while another number (18.2) receives more than 50 calls a day. Also according to the results above it is evident that the peak hours at the contact centre ranges from morning to afternoon, a 54.4% of the respondents confirmed this. In addition the staffs really receive training with most of the trainings ranging from 2-4 trainings per year. In addition a good number of the staff believes that a contact centre should have more than 100 workers this is at 54.5% of the response percentage.
Further the outcome of the study shows that it takes between 1 day and 30 days to solve a complaint. However most of these complaints a solved within 15 days. According to the respondents almost all of the customers are often satisfied with their services having no customer who has complained or shown dissatisfaction. However there is no clear structure of solving complaints since each of the clients gave distinct ways of solving a complaint. Nevertheless all of them agree that investigations have to precede any solution.

Project evaluation

The study has met its purpose, as one of its goals was to examine how affective the customer services are in Emirates Airline contact centres. After conducting secondary and primary study, receiving the feedbacks through carry out interviews using questionnaire and reviewing, journals, newspapers, and books in regard to the performance of the customer service in Emirates Airline I am satisfied that the research as met its objective. All these researches have granted that Emirates Airline Customer Service have effective methods that are used in receiving and solving the complaints from customers.

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