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What is the role of Shabbat or Sabbath in Jewish life?

Jewish values are based on the Bible. As cited by Greenberg, Genesis, the first book of the Bible, chronicles a dream or vision of a perfect world. This perfect world is often illustrated or depicted by paradise. Consequently, this concept of a dream or vision of a better world is essential to the life or existence of Jews because it becomes a source of their sense of purpose. Nevertheless, Greenberg argued that chaos in the real world makes it difficult for Jews to believe in the said dream or vision, which then causes them to lose faith. Hence, it is important to find ways to sustain Jewish faith despite trials, difficulties, and chaos in the world. The Shabbat fulfils this purpose.
The Shabbat gives Jews a taste of the aforementioned dream or vision, even just for a day. During the Sabbath, Jews do not work and they do not deprive themselves, as pointed out by Greenberg. Furthermore, the Shabbat renews Jewish faith and also creates a sense of satisfaction among the Jews, which lasts throughout the week until the next Sabbath. Hence, we may conclude that the Sabbath establishes faith and peace in the life of Jews.

How does Shabbat or Sabbath embody fundamental Jewish values?

The Shabbat embodies fundamental Jewish values because it offers a way for Jews to observe them. One of the fundamental Jewish values, for instance, is the preservation of human dignity through holiness. To accomplish this, Jews must work to earn wealth while also enriching their lives spiritually in equal measure. For this reason, Jews follow the commandments in the Bible where they work for six days and rest on the seventh day during Sabbath. On this day, Jews affirm the importance of human work – creative labor – that took place during the six days of the week and also fulfill their spiritual work for God by keeping the Sabbath holy. Fulfilling creative labor for six days then allows Jews to accumulate wealth not due to greed but for the purpose of enriching one’s life and that of others. Hence, the Sabbath embodies these fundamental Jewish values because it allows them to reflect on their creative work while focusing on and balancing the former with their spiritual life and affirming holiness during the Shabbat.

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