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War on Drugs The 21st Century is rapidly affected by usage of drugs. The prevalence is high due to the advancement of technology, which creates the opportunity for further interventions through foreign connections that expand on the drug trafficking. Unfortunately, the youths are reportedly populous in the survey conducted by the American Psychological Association in 2013, during the screening and therapy process. This study will cover the war on drugs, the summary concerning the goals in the criminal justice system, according to Drug Policy Reforms. The discussion will also cover on the effective and ineffective initiatives associated with the Drug Policy Reforms, as well as any historical significance that may have an impact on the same. A drug is a type of a chemical used by individuals for various reasons and is always known to be accompanied by biological elements that help in its effectiveness. People prefer using drugs for various reasons, which is acceptable in the society. However, when there are over usage of drugs, the society steps up to initiate on some policies that are effective for the betterment of the future generation. The National Bureau of Statistics estimates that there are over 1.6 billion drug users in the world, and the internet is catalyzing and mobilizing the use of drug twice as much as it was in 2014. The War on drugs is the battle against components of drugs and the trafficking that is frequently in the modern society. Several non-governmental associations have merged to implement policies that will help in the reduction of drug abstinence. It is vital to be aware of the target group which leads to the spread of drug use. In the United states, there are estimations of over 100million individuals that fall into a bracket of 16 to 35 years who consume drugs and encourage the process of its prevalence. There are values in the society set to help with reduction of the consumption process. Categorically outlining issues that may reduce the intake of drugs has helped the government in planning on the campaigns and awareness to prevent other hindrance to drugs. There are estimations that about one-half of the states criminals use drugs or are in the process of addiction. However, few people can afford treatment for the same. The prisoners are facing difficult times especially, when it involves the psychological, mental approach and some of the environmental disturbances they acquire from the prison contribute to their awareness of the abuse of drugs. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, the population is challenged by the rise g other effective substances like cocaine, which they can easily inject in their veins and feel high. In most of the time, the prevention process may appear to be by a process, but once individuals set heir mentality and combine ideas on the way forward or the long term solution, the process is easy and fast.Drug Policy Alliance The transformation process of the means to help in reducing the fight against drugs involves the implementation of policies that will enhance better communication, especially in individuals who have an outgoing personality since they will have a better platform for improving this society and the addicts within the community. The drug policy alliance, popularly known as DPA is a worldwide organization based in the United States that focuses on the eradication of drug abuse through collaborations with other scholars and partners’ have interest on the same. The policy influences the individuals in the society and plays a wider role in creating awareness of the need to utilize the resources available in the society such as the internet to advocate or the war against drugs. As it stands, crime, as leads to the increment in drug trafficking and poverty, is the backbone idea of the involvement in the process. The reforms on drug trafficking, contribute to the initiation and implementation of the legislative process, which create awareness and guides on how to end e drug issue. The crime rates in the United States are triggered by the individuals who associate in the money making process which is assumed to be an easier platform. Concentrating on the ways to help improve the criminal justice systems against drugs, hundreds of people have merged to a campaign and form centers that will help in the growth process in terms of mental and emotional consideration. Creating self-awareness from a counseling perspective has helped in the initiation process of the usage of drugs. Counseling process builds relationships between the government, and the individuals, through the sessions on therapeutic awareness and enhancement of the drugs. It is vital to consider an estimation of individuals two are comfortable with the process of counseling since it involves self-decision-making.Broad collaboration The supporters of the fight against drugs come from all lifestyles, making it a standardized form of discussion to address issues that affect and lure people into taking drugs. The DPA honorary sector comprises of popular personalities who are experts in the field of rehabilitation on the fight against drugs (Lise, 2012). The governing and leadership skills communicate and effective way of handling issues which may trigger a growth process from the discussion. It is in the forum that ideas are shared and the appropriate and most flexible work in the society. Categories of former leaders from the rehabilitation centers and soldiers who work from prisons are a sign of better communication and campaigns against the drugs. Personal relationship ay be built in this process, and people often stick together to abolish the spread out all the techniques available to promote drug trafficking. Some of the background to the key figures has included specialist and business law; which affect the understanding of the different issues and essence of promoting growth and awareness process. The law maximizes on the rules and regulations for promoting better understanding concerning the amendment process. The outgoing individuals in ore from the forum as there are other opportunities to spread the awareness to many countries struggling with the war on drugs.Aims According to Adimora (2010), the reforms seek to achieve mutual understanding in the process and sensitize people about the idea of accepting that they have an addiction problem they are battling. Promoting self-awareness classes for people who have time to attend will improve the discrimination a stigmatization experiences the individuals on through and provide awareness on the issues to do with drugs. It is considerate that organizations are involving the community services, and other government takes holders to help in the sensitization process. The policy seeks to improve the communication process between the leaders and the addicts; it aims at providing a smoother ground on the need to grow awareness of the same effects that are discussed in the process of implementing the rules and relations.
Performance and motivation widely influence the sensitization process because of the attitudes that the individuals may have or acquire through the process. Mentoring other reformers is basically an aim meant to promote and encourage other people struggling with the battle with the need to soldier on and maximize the opportunities they might be having. Such as reading motivational books, vocational training for counselors who aim at promoting and advancing their counseling skills in schools and other institutions that contain the great group. The action plans into eliminate the use of drugs that cause mental instability such as cocaine and marijuana and encourage people on the essence of living a healthy lifestyle for the purpose of the fitness and wellness for their body images. Promoting other sensitizing programs in counseling will protect the reputation and image of individuals struggling with quitting drugs.Campaign details During the awareness forums, the sensitization process is conducted through banners and posts that ensure the content is of quality and aims of the drug users which affect other people too. The importance of such campaigns is to improve the media communication and usually teenagers are created to monitor and appear on the posters and billboards to protect the image of the drug users and target the group, which is notorious in the intake (Gray, 2010). The campaigns have far worked because of the technology used to inform people of the sensitization process. Such techniques include digital printers, which attract the individualized attention, and they are able to protect the image of the companies who use drugs through limited information about them. Elaborating on the information through advertisement on the alcohol low and he influence of drugs in the families has helped in promoting and creating openness in families who struggle with this process.Conclusion Drugs are substances, which have a health benefit in peoples’ lives; however, the intake should be reduced to the main function of the drugs to prevail. Assumptions of the target group are too accurate because any individual is at risk of taking the drugs and being affected. Children below twelve years should be sensitized to the effects of drugs because they are able to understand through play therapies on effects of drugs and quit taking them for their own good. The communication process is clear evidence of the reduction of prevalence rates, and the society is able to enjoy the economic growth instead of counting on losses caused by the drugs. People should be self-driven and avoid consumption of drugs.


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