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People have certain beliefs when they drive such as everyone should know the rules of the road which consist of if someone is going below the speed limit then that person should not be on the road at all, if you cannot keep up with the knowledge of knowing when to drive past a yellow light versus stopping at a red light then that person should not be driving. Some people believe that even bicyclists should follow these rules because they are absolute. Coincidentally, some people do feel like they are the only ones on the road because of how they act, such as when they see someone going really slow on the expressway or on public streets. There are some that have really bad road rage to the point where they will act so ugly to a cautious driver that it is just disgusting, it is sad how some people act like that because they expect others to go the speed limit, they are acting like they are the only ones that deserve to be on the road. Cautious drivers are smart drivers and they should not catch ugly press from people let alone other drivers because they choose to be smart, cautious drivers. The problem is that non-cautious drivers do not need to react so badly to drivers who choose to be cautious on the roadways, exercising good judgment on the road is everyone’s responsibility; it is supposed to be anyway. It is just unreal how other drivers act when they are on the road especially when they are impatient. Driving cautiously on the road is the best way to avoid an accident. The three people I interviewed will back up the thesis.

Interview 1

Logically, cautious drivers have a right to be on the road just as much as those who do not, drivers with really bad road rage are the dangerous ones because they are the ones who are being offensive about people’s driver. When a driver drives slowly, it is because they are doing it based on their preference and not because they are doing it to be in the way. Most drivers usually adhere to the speed limit while they are driving and expects most other drivers to do the same, some justify getting upset when people drive cautiously which is not fair to drivers who drive cautiously. One of the people I interviewed was my mother and here is the story she told me. She said “I remember I was driving home from Michael’s in my hometown and the rain was coming down badly, visibility was still above 50% but the fog on the window was decreasing the visibility. Well, I was driving and some idiot in a Ford Pontiac Trans Am who, upset because of my 25 mph driving, thought it was a good idea to flip me off because I was driving slowly to avoid hydroplaning. I could not help but to get a little bit upset because the idiot in the Trans Am was acting ugly toward me because I chose not to go racing around in the rain” My mother also went on to say “it is like people are trying to run you over trying to get where they are going because you are choosing to drive cautiously on the road”. After the interview, I was just plain disgusted that my mother went through that because some idiot has bad road rage. People mock cautious drivers because they know how to be smart and exhibit roadside intelligence which other drivers frown upon, it can be argued that even though cautious drivers have their fair share of accidents, they still manage to have less fatalities on the road or even be at the focal point of roadside fatalities. Incidentally, cautious drivers deserve to be rewarded for stopping at a yellow light instead of being called stupid for not running it. It can be said that the road raging idiots are the real dangers on the road not those who do not go the speed limit.

Interview 2

Ironically, people who have been driving since their teens have been taught to obey the rules of the road and that generally means one thing, do whatever is necessary to avoid an accident at all costs because living to drive another day is not the only reward for being a cautious driver but avoiding an accident will ensure that their auto insurance will not skyrocket. To further emphasize this point, I interviewed my wife Nicole and she told me her story “I remember one particular incident where I driving home from my brother’s house and I told you about the expressway especially about how I was going 40 because of the recent snowy developments. When I got off the expressway, I still chose to take it easy because the roads were still wet and slick. I did this for several miles then a rude jerk in an SUV literally drag raced around me then had the audacity to give me a nasty look because I was being cautious for the sake of our son because he was with me”. It is almost certain death for a person that drives cautiously because there is always going to be that one person who is going to do whatever it takes to make that cautious driver feel like they do not belong on the road like flipping them the bird. Incidentally, people who have to spent their time looking out for idiotic people with road rage should not be on the road for the fact that they are more in danger than even they realize. It is not a crime to drive slowly and cautiously if that is what a person wants to do, it is not a bad thing because with the idiotic drivers on the road with road rage these days, it is definitely a requirement. I remember when driving cautiously used to make the difference between an accident and a ticket, but times have changed. People with road rage are getting away with being stupid on the road more and more, people with road rage are likely to hurt or kill other drivers on the road. I am happy that my wife was driving cautiously because she had our son in the car which could have been fatal, I would think that people could appreciate a mother driving cautiously.

Interview 3

People with road rage can go from stupid to belligerent and just plain rude because the person in front of them are choosing to take their time driving cautiously on the road, another person that I interviewed for this would be my aunt, Mar(short for Marsha). My aunt told me about her encounter with road rage and stupidity, her story went something like this. “I remember I was going home after spending almost an hour and a half at Disk Replay trying to remember every game that you and your cousin Jaylin wanted me to pick up. When I left from there everything was fine until I started driving”. My aunt then told me “I nearly got into an accident” and I said how? She responds, “Well I was going 5 miles under the speed limit because the roads were icy then this Ford Navigator blew his horn at me as if to imply, pick up the speed. Not even 30 seconds later, that same Ford Navigator literally drag raced around me nearly hitting my back end; it was scary” “Well after I regained my composure, I was still driving then a little ways up the street, the Navigator that flew around me ended up sliding and hitting another car in a full on collision; I just barely managed to get around the wreck when it happened. It just does not pay to be a cautious driver these days”. From that tale of horror, I said to myself, “it is way too easy to get into an accident because of someone else’s negligence and stupidity”. There is no excuse for other drivers to act so impatient on the roads because as everyone well knows, accidents are the result of driver negligence and stupidity not to mention impatience. When a cautious driver gets on the road and have to drive slowly just to avoid an accident, there is so much at stake because a misstep in traffic could lead to a fatality; this is why Driver’s Ed exists, for this reason. It is getting harder and harder to stay safe from idiots with road rage because they do not care about the lives that they choose to endanger, these same people have been known to do this while they had a baby in the car which is a big fat no-no. Being cautious saves lives.

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