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Scenario 1: Internet Abuse

The internet is taking people by storm. Many people are currently using the internet for most of their daily routine. This is the same case for Mr. Brown, who is an employee at All Enterprises Retail Shop. He has been working in the retail shop for the last ten years. During this time, the internet was not very popular and not so many people were using it. At this time, Mr. Brown was working hard because he was trying his best to provide for his family. Along the way, his only child succumbed to pneumonia. This situation put a lot of stress on him, and his employer gave him some time to rest.
His employer, Mrs. Watts was a very understanding woman and she understand that nobody could work under Mr. Brown's conditions. It was the reason she gave Mr. Brown a two-month leave so that he could grieve over the loss of his son. Mrs. Watts was known to be a nice employer. She treated all employees well and with a lot of respect. She expected the same thing from her employees. This enabled them to have a good working relationship. There was an employee code of conduct which every employee had to sign before they could start working in the retail shop. Violation of these rules led to permanent termination from their jobs. Mr. Brown came back and had somehow adjusted to the loss of his son. However, he had diverted his attention to something peculiar. This was at a time when social media was getting a lot of attention from the public. Mr. Brown had joined almost all social media platforms and could not resist checking on them occasionally. He noted that it helped him overcome the death of his child because the internet was a good distraction for him. When he came back to his work, he found out that Mrs. Watts had upgraded the company’s computer system and that every computer was connected to the internet.
Unlimited access to the internet meant that he had all the freedom he needed to use the internet. At first, the employer thought it was the excitement of coming back and having to use the internet. It was later discovered that Mr. Brown was constantly on social media and was slowly neglecting his job. The implication of unlimited internet access was that he was violating some of the rules that had been stated in the employees' code of conduct. Mr. Brown would be forced to stay longer in the office to finish his work. This brought about delays in stock taking and most supplies in the store would not be sold as the expected. Mrs. Watts realized that she had to do something to save her business and Mr. Brown as well because he was a friend and was going through a lot. Since his condition was not very serious, Mrs. Watts decided to put a firewall protection on social media sites. This in a way helped Mr. Brown because he would focus on his work and not social media all the time. Miss Brown thought that it was pointless to fire him from the company (Houdmont & Leka, 2010). He had gone against one of the rules in the shop and he was punished by being block from all social media sites.

Scenario 2: Substance Abuse

This is one area that has affected many people in different fields. There was once this situation in the umbrella group of companies. The chief executive officer, Mrs. Jolie was a major shareholder in other company. The company was accused of money laundering, and it was closed for further investigation. All her shares were lost. As the CEO in Umbrella group of companies, she was distracted. She started drinking in order to forget about her loss. With time, she could not deal without the alcohol and needed something stronger than alcohol. She did not care whether he had her job on the line.
She kept saying that without her shares in that other company she was nothing. She started using cocaine. With time, it got better of her, and she became an addict. This was when the board of directors noticed that there was something wrong because she was not performing her duties well, she always showed up late for work and also she was not very active.
The board of governors gave her a warning, but it was too late. She was already addicted to Cocaine and could not work properly. Since she was putting her job on the line, the board of directors decided to suspend her for a while. She was a good employee and had served the company well. She brought the organization from nothing and now it is a reputable business hub. This is why the board of directors did not want to let her go. They got here a replacement so that she can recover.
Her condition became worse because she was idler than ever. She started selling her property so that she can buy cocaine. This was when the board of directors decided to help her as a way of appreciating the good effort that she had made for the company. They took her to a rehabilitation center where she recovered and was fit to come back to work. She was however going to pay for the entire amount the company had spent on her rehabilitation. This served as a lesson because she was receiving a pay cut in addition to the loss of her shares (Ghodse, 2005).
Scott is an employee at Towers Enterprises. He has been working for the company for more than ten months and He has been a good employee who finishes all his tasks on time. With his input, his department has continuously been improving its business performance. He is well known for his anger management problem. Every time a person annoys him, regardless of whom that person is, he would try to pick a fight with them and this has been going on for some time. Initially, his fellow employees thought that he was experiencing a small problem. However, they found out that it was an anger management problem and that he was the only one who could solve the problem through a personal initiative.
Recently, he went too far when he slapped his boss on the face. This was a terrible mistake because he has been assaulting his fellow employees. Unfortunately, these victims have been reluctant to report the matter to the company’s senior management. Towers Enterprises has a good reputation but with Scott being around, it would be difficult to maintain that profile. His behavior goes against the rules of the company and the company treats assault with a lot of seriousness. Scott is a reliable employee but with his behavior, it is difficult for him to maintain his job. His manager was forced to call the police on him and he was arrested and charged for assault. Other employees come in as witnesses for his case, and he has to face some charges for his behavior.
Scott's case is different from others because he is inflicting pain and assaulting other people. He might be a good employee that does his work well, but the welfare of other employees also matters a lot to the company. They cannot be working in fear of Scott's reaction. His lack of discipline has landed him in a police cell because he lost his cool and slapped his manager on the face. The arrest is the most appropriate form of punishment for him.
He does not deserve any consideration because he is disrespectful and indiscipline. It was also discovered that he was fired from his previous job due to his violence. The previous employer could not take any more of his assaults and he was forced to fire Scott. However, the employer did not report the case to the relevant authorities (Perline & Goldschmidt, 2004). If an employee has a problem, he should let the company’s management know so that he or she can get some help. The management should also reconsider their decision of hiring such a person because he or she can be a nuisance to the company. It is also the duty of the management team to create a good working environment to all employees. If one of them is a hindrance, he or she should not work in the company for the sake of other employees.


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