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Part 1:

History and Structure of the Business
David started a business of nursing agency, ten years ago in 2004. Initially he started to provide services of relief staff to hospitals and aged care facilities only. Twenty nurses were appointed to provide the services. David himself used to manage all business affairs.

Key or Services Offered By the Business

David provided relief staff services. The services are aimed at helping the companies to continue with their work, when there staff is on leave. The staffs are available for both planned leaves like annual leaves and also for sudden uninformed leaves like sick leaves of the permanent employees on the company.

Key Focus Areas for the Organisation

The key focus is the administration department of David’s company. Is spite of employees more number of admin employees than needed, the admin is not able to deliver desirable results.
In future the admin head will be appointed who will coordinate will all departments and will fill the communication barriers which are causing the emergence of such factors that inhibit the proper functionality of the company.

Key HR Issues That the Business Is Facing

Some of the key HR issues faced by David’s company are:
Employee turnover
Lack of Strategic level manager
Performance management
Training and development
Employee relations
Customer feedback not assessed
Emerging requirements for the business over the next few years (up to 3 years)?
Building positive image of company
More focused Marketing
Retaining Permanent employees
Building positive employee relationship
Roles of Staff and Challenges Pertaining To It
Currently there are seven staff members. They are all working as a different department. The full time Receptionist is engaged in attending telephone, and is also responsible for managing the inward and outward mail. Payroll personnel, is responsible for managing payroll for both agency staff and administrative staff. A Payroll supporter is also available for two days every week to assist the payroll personnel. The Invoicing personnel prepare invoices of the customers. Marketing personnel is engaged in promotional activities like preparation of website, he works for three days per week. An accounts personnel, is responsible for all financial activities that involves dealing with debtors and creditors, payment of all accounts, he works for three days a week. A personnel, is also present to recruiting nurses and coordinate their tasks.
All these are working independently and have no proper communication path to coordinate each other’s activities. It is important to hire an Admin head that coordinates all departments. The Strategic manager will be provided conduct report of every department, so that he may device strategies having insight of all department’s need and requirements.

Part 2:

With the growth of company it becomes essential to adopt suitable HR policy, to avoid personnel related problems in future (Mazzarol, 2003). In the coming years, David’s company will expand its business and open branches in different places. The number of employees will also be increased with the expansion of business. Company will have to hire new employees which will be both permanent and temporary. Hence, the logical human resource management ought to be applied and should be vital and strategic.
Strategic HRM gives firms the inward ability to adjust and accommodate to their focused surroundings by adjusting HRM practices with business strategies. These practices may involve development and training, selection and hiring and bonus system.
With the development of company the need of employees increases (Snell, Morris, & Bohlander, 2015). Hence, it becomes more evident to implement a well-planned HRM policy for continuity of successful business operations. HR recruitment manager should be hired who will hire employees after analysing their skills and expertise. Strategic level manager will be inducted to assist David in work and to manage the branches. He will be managing the resources and making their effective use. The strategies will be aimed also at devising such plans which will be used in long run to ensure sustainability of business. Being a small company and having less resources it is difficult for David to explore new markets alone. HR staff will assist him gathering innovative ideas.
The administrative head will also be employed to keep all the departments coordinated and to improve the functionality of the admin. Yet, there exists so much mismanagement as one department is unaware of other’s activities and future plans. When the plans coincide at a point clash arises. So, it is compulsory to hire a person who creates harmony among the departments.
Job rotation will be used so that all employees are able to handle the core tasks and will be able to take any position when needed. This will also enable them to learn the requirements of different department within the organization and they will work and device plans accordingly.
Moreover, as the employees are considered as asset of an organization, thus HR policies will be made to retain employees and keep them motivated and passionate (Sparrow & Cooper, 2012). Performance appraisals will be made every quarter to assess the performance of permanent employees and good performer will be rewarded consequently, to keep their morale high. Training programs will be conducted to train the employees. As the temporary staff is less committed. Efforts will be made to manage a fleet of permanent employees. However, there will be need of temporary employees that will be used at the time of high demand. Job security will be available to all permanent employees this will increase retention rate too.
The employee’s data will also be consolidated in two parts, one for permanent and one for temporary. Data of permanent employees will be useful while training, reallocating, and bonus allocation. On the other hand, data of temporary employees will be used to approach competent employees, again and again when needed. This will improve the quality of service by engaging competent employees.
The decision making should be decentralized, the owner should not implement rules as he wish. However, the strategic and middle level employees should suggest decisions along with David, and then most suitable suggestion should be regarded as decision. It should also be kept in mind that the low quality of the staff and old style of management also affect decision making adversely.

Part 3

Part 4:
Execution of formal preparing and training projects offers many potential favourable circumstances to little organizations (Morley & Parkinson, 2015). For instance, appropriate training helps organizations to make pools of qualified replacement for workers who may leave or be elevated to positions of more prominent obligation. It likewise aides assurance that organizations will have the HR expected to bolster business development and extension.
Moreover, training empowers a little business to make utilization of cutting edge innovation and to adjust to a quickly changing focused environment (Eastman & McCarthy, 2012). The whole training methodology ought to be arranged ahead of time considering particular organization objectives. Chart below shows the focus area of training, target groups for training and time duration required for training.

Part 5:



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This HR Service Agreement defines the terms and conditions under which we provide HR specialist services to a client.
This HR Service Agreement is intended for the purposes of formally setting up the relationship between David Relief Staff Solutions and the CLIENT COMPANY and to provide the foundation for a healthy business relationship.
This Agreement completes the responsibility for David Relief Staff Solutions to ensure the quality, compliance and timeliness of the output named in this agreement.
This Agreement is made on April, 02 2015 by and between
David Relief Staff Solutions and Calvin Enterprises, with offices at USA.
HR Service Agreement Objectives
During the term of this Agreement, Calvin Enterprises will furnish HR services and advice as specifically requested by David Relief Staff Solutions.
The services and advice will relate to work being done or planned by David Relief Staff Solutions in the field of HR Services, will be within Calvin Enterprises’ technical competence for those marked below:
HR Health Check – total assessment of your HR systems in place
Strategic planning – setting up processes, implementing HR plans and objectives
Equal Opportunity – creating a responsive organisation
Performance Management Systems – performance appraisals processing
Job Analysis – creating proper job descriptions and specifications
Staffing the Workplace – recruiting candidates, developing & using application forms
Employee testing, interviewing and selection – types of tests & selection techniques
Induction and Training – inducting employees, training techniques and processes
Developing HR Managers – On and off the job training, key factors for success
Appraising Performance – appraisal methods, appraisals in managing performance
Remuneration and Incentives – pricing jobs, low – high level staff incentives
Employee/Industrial Relations – legal framework
Occupational Health and Safety Systems – planning for OH&S
Staff Retention Programs
Staff Incentive Programs – motivating employees
Term of Agreement
Calvin Enterprises shall exclusively provide HR Services as requested by the Client David Relief Staff Solutions.
CURRENT HR Situation Analysis
Service Timelines
These service timelines break down the output of David Relief Staff Solutions specialist HR service into tangible deliverables with definite deadlines. These deadlines may vary according to the complexity of the service required. Include in table below
HR Staffing levels Roles and Responsibilities
Recommendations on Improving HR function
Observance of labour and employment laws
Implementing and adopting flexible HR policies
Gauging both HR operational and business metrics
Mounting internal HR skills
Enhancing line manager capabilities
Establish clear rules and regulations
Enhance environment of Compensation and Benefits
Governing Law
Typically, the face value of the award is inclusive of the administrative and operational costs involved in performing the consultant's duties and responsibilities.
A HR Service agreement gives you legal protection in case the consultant fails to keep your intellectual property confidential or is careless enough to disclose proprietary information that has been named in the non-disclosure clause of the agreement.
Authorisation: Calvin Enterprises
Authorisation Signature:

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