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Theater can be an effective way of developing plays that passes a lot of messages to the society. In this paper, there will be various interpretations of The Laramie Project according to different authors. The author’s interpretations are based on their understanding of the message that the play passes along to the society. The Laramie Project has gained a lot of recognition due to the messages that it has and the difference it has made in the community. It is also important to note that the numerous times the play has been played in theaters all over the world have resulted in a lot of reviews. It is due to the numerous reviews that have been there in relation to the play that there now lies a need to establish what the authors have established in relation to the play. This evaluation is based on ethics among other morals that are relevant for peaceful correlation in the society. This paper will evaluate two articles based on the interpretation of two authors in regards to The Laramie Project. There will also be an evaluation in reference to my interpretation of the play and the appeal being made to the society.
According to McKenna Jennifer, it is stated that there are challenges that are associated with trying to guarantee that there is a difference in the society. This evaluation is based on the authors’ interpretation that she assesses from the challenges the researchers encountered while trying to interview different individuals. This is because it is clear that there are numerous barriers in relation to the way the community views people with different sexual orientations. The author makes this assessment based on the norm that the community seems to have regarding the LGBTI community (McKenna 85). However, the author acknowledges the use of theater as a way to create awareness that will eventually result in change of the societal norms. McKenna analyzes the play in relation to a class that has been established to combat the views that the society has against certain things. The authors’ main analysis is based on the relations that the students in the class encounter while trying to pass a positive message that the violence being exercised should be stopped. This is well put in the authors’ views where it is recommended that the change being emphasized should start from within. This is through ensuring that the students themselves do not participate in the hate being spread against people among the minority sexual orientation (McKenna 84). The author establishes that in order for there to be change, there is a need to make sure that there is a change of behavior from within. This is because the students themselves participated in spreading hate among themselves yet they were preaching the opposite. In order not to contradict themselves, there is a need to ensure that they were well coordinate among themselves. This would be effective in guaranteeing the success of the message that they intended to pass across. In order to achieve the objectives that they were pursuing, there was a need for change; this is clearly evaluated by the author through the numerous changes that the students had to adapt. This is considered to guarantee that there is competence in the student’s classes. Having analyzed this writer’s interpretation, it is clear that the main emphasis is on the need for change to start from the people calling for equal rights.
The Laramie project is analyzed by Hopkins Boone from a very different angel compared to Jennifer; this is due to the aspects that he analyzes. Throughout his article, it is important to note that his main argument is based on how ethics affects fieldwork. This argument is based on the relevance that ethics has in diverse fields such as anthropology and performance. This is due to the author believes where it is stated that in order to deliver quality analysis; there is a need to ensure that there are proper regulations considered (Hopkins 6). This is because the author considers ethic as a factor that affects the outcome of all relevant matters that may affect research. The Laramie Project in this instance is analyzed as a play that has over the years emphasized the need for social change. This argument is based on the challenges that the sexual minorities are enduring. This is despite the need for change that has been created to ensure that there are peaceful correlations within the community. The author in this instance is seen to use sophisticated analyzing methods to achieve the results that he desired. Sophistication is evident through the constant reference that is made on anthropology. This is because the author seems to value the knowledge that anthropologists may have regarding the research that is being conducted. The author, Hopkins emphasizes the need for effective coordination of the performers (Hopkins 18). This is because he sees them as essential crew members that direct the audience into properly establishing the message being passed along.
Through properly analyzing the play and various interpretations that diverse authors have written about the play, I have developed my own understanding in relation to the message that the play passes. The play is developed after an incident that led to the murder of a gay man. This is attributed to the notion that the society at that time may have had making them not willing to understand and give equal opportunities to the queer community. This is due to the way the community at that time viewed the gay community. It is the death of the gay man that led to the establishment of research programs and emphasis on the need for equality. Based on the responses that have been gathered it is important to acknowledge that the research being conducted and the call for equal rights are solely based on ethics. This is because, based on the research provided; it is evident that the community was not willing to peacefully coexist with the LGBTI community. This is what led resulted in the hate and violence that caused the death of the man murdered. It is, therefore, clear to interpret that ethics was a factor of major concern in this play. This is because, if the community had ethics, here would be no spread of hate against the sexual minority. This is because all people should be given equal privileges. This is because a person’s sexual orientation is a personal thing that no one should interfere with; furthermore, every person should love whomever they want. In reference to this, it is important to ensure that there is the consideration of every person’s right. This is because personal activities that do not affect the lives of others should not be a cause for hate. It is clear that the man murdered was not given a chance to speak since the society found his orientation immoral. The society should not be allowed to dictate on how people chose to live their personal life. This is because every individual has the freedom to indulge in activities or affairs that are in their best interest. It is, therefore, absurd for the society to try and tell people how they should live their lives.
In reference to the number of times that the Laramie Play has been reproduced, it is evident that it carries a message that needs to be absorbed by the society. This is because times are changing whereby the LGBTI community is growing. It is due to the growing rate of this community that there is a need to preach acceptance, without acceptance, it will be chaotic. This is due to the hate that will be spread in relation to the LGBTI community. It should be ensured that there are proper educational practices conducted which will ensure that the society accepts this minority group. Acceptance can only be made possible through guaranteeing that there is no violence. Violence can only be put to an end if there is consideration of proper ethics. This is because ethics creates the emphasis on the need for peace and good relations with all members of the society.
Through properly analyzing the Laramie Project, it is clear that the main emphasis lies on proper ethics that advocate equality. This is due to the objectives that the research being conducted is aimed at and the reasons that led to the developing of the project. It is important to acknowledge that the project has had a significant impact on the society since it has promoted unity.

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