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China is considered to be the next super power of the world with the fastest growing economy and producing goods and services at the rate unseen in the global economy. The share of import and export from China has grown to an extent that there is hardly any product available in the world’s market that do not contain any link with the Chinese production. China has more than 1.3 billion people residing with almost 300 million people living in the state like people in West do and around 800 million people are living in a state of utter poverty and below average living (James, p.338). The question remains whether China will be the next superpower of the world.

China can become the next superpower of the world

For three decades, China has been considered to be the most powerful and successful economies in the world. This successful economic system has its own challenges, including poverty level, corruption, environmental degradation and declining moral and social values that are considered to be a challenge for the future growth and development of the economy (James, p.340). The reason why it can be claimed that China will be the next superpower of the world is because the economic reform of China is considered to be the largest project in the human history as it has affected the population sixteen times more than the four Asian Tigers and ten times more than that of Japan (James, p.341).
Another significant phenomenon is that in the last three decades, China’s real GDP has increased 13 times with real per capita GDP increases over nine-fold (James, p. 341). The success of the Chinese economy is attributed to the mixed economic system along with effective institutional reforms. These reforms progressed the Chinese economy from an agricultural state to a more urban economy and the state-owned operations with the development of banking sectors, educational institutions, and capital intensive market system. In the early 1980’s, the China developed special economic zones and also provided access to the growth centers of the coastal cities. This plan lead to further development of the growth regions as well as the development and growth of the remote areas of China (James, p.342).
China has placed utmost importance to develop in the technology sector. It has purchased foreign technologies in order to improve the productivity level within the economy. This has also enabled the country to improve the technological ability and to create knowledge centers and develop its workforce - focusing mainly on their technical skills in order to progress in the highly competing world (James, p.342). China is facing some serious challenges; the most prominent being – corruption, political issues and rising inequality in the country (James, p.343). It is imperative that the government should focus on these developmental constraints so that these challenges do not become a hurdle to the economic progress of China.

China cannot become the next superpower of the world

As mentioned earlier that China is facing certain challenges and constraints that can hinder in the economic progress of the country. The Chinese government has taken certain measures and implemented policies to control these challenges. In case, these policies remain unsuccessful; it can lead to a rise in unemployment, corruption and inequality level. Even though, China has become a great power, but great power does not mean that it has the capability to become the superpower of the world. In order to become the superpower, China still has to focus on its technological ability, military strength and other economic advantages along with the capacity to provide the global supply and dominate the demand for the goods worldwide (James, p.345).
Even though, the country has progressed significantly, there are many obvious challenges facing the country that can restrict its progress in becoming the next superpower of the world. Even though the economic output of the country is expected to exceed US$ 5 trillion, still the per capita income will remain under US$ 4000 which is almost one-tenth of that of Japanese and United States of America citizens (James, p.345). Most of the Chinese population is still living in villages, and most of them do not have access to drinking water, lack of healthcare facility and basic education level. With the process of urbanization growing at around one percent per year, it will take more than three decades for China to improve the rural class condition and education and refine them to an extent that the peasantry is reduced to a quarter of the total population of the country (James, p.346).
Another obstacle to the country, in becoming the next superpower, is that it relies mostly on its export than imports. This economic model has worked for two decades, but it is not appropriate for the years to come. The reason behind this is, that since it is has surpassed Germany in becoming the world’s largest exporter of the world, it is facing issues from the protectionist factions of the Western countries which can create problems for the country’s exports in the future (James, p.346).


China’s future as a superpower or not, will depend upon how it focuses on the constraints and tend to overcome them. Currently the country has been able to perform and become the leading powers of the world since past three decades, but in order to continue the development it has to work hard on the issues identified and others to compete in the challenging environment.

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