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Drug addiction and pornography are among the main issues that are affecting the modern society. This is due to the negative impact that they have had on many individuals. There is a need to acknowledge that drug addiction and pornography have been continuously condemned by the society but, however, continue to take root. This is due to the little education and confrontation of these issues. There is a need to acknowledge that these issues need to be adequately addressed to ensure that there are fewer cases associated with the influence that these bad vices have on individuals. The paper will evaluate the challenges that drug abuse and pornography have had on the society. Further analysis will also establish the need for a change in policy to ensure that there are regulations that will limit these bad vices. Based on statistics, the problem that has been caused by drug abuse and pornography can only be solved through proper education. This can only be achieved through evaluating the negative effects that they have had on different individuals on the society. After evaluating the challenges, it will be possible to put down strategies to be used in developing a solution through providing the relevant education.
Based on various statistics, it is inevitable to state that drug abuse and pornography has had quite a negative impact on the society and especially among the youth. This is because there have been numerous reports that have stated that the youth are most affected by these bad vices. This is due to their vulnerable character whereby they are easily influenced by their friends into partaking these activities. Drug addiction can be quite negative among the youth and especially among school going children. This is due to the impact that these vices are likely to cause to their studies. A significant number of school dropouts have been attributed to drug addiction and pornography. In the case of drugs, the students may start neglecting their studies due to the notion that they may have gathered influenced by the drug they are taking. It is important to note that drugs if excessively used may affect the way the body function and result in damages. These damages are likely to affect their performance in school and result in dropping out. This is because such students who are under the influence are likely to lose interest in their studies. In order to eliminate these negative impacts, there is a need to develop adequate strategies. This may be through establishing diverse education forums in and out of schools (Schlosser 28). Through these forums, there will be the provision of information that will be relevant in stopping these vices.
Pornography, on the other hand, is also quite negative to school going children and youth. This is because pornography addiction may result in diverse negative impacts on the society. These negative impacts are diverse since they vary from early pregnancy to sexually transmitted infections. People who indulge themselves in drug abuse while at the same time hooked to pornography are likely to indulge in risky sexual practices (Kamalipour 65). This is because they are likely to have little or no regards for the consequences that they may face due to their participation in such practices. A high number of school dropouts have also been associated with early pregnancy where the victims are forced to dropout to go and look after their young ones. Other risky practices include unprotected sex among the addicted; this is because they may try and imitate the characters they see in pornography films whereby they may end up contacting sexually transmitted diseases. HIV and AIDS have also been on the increase as a result of drug addiction and pornography. This is because pornography and substance abuse are among the major agents of the spreading and contraction of the HIV. Drug abuse contributes in the essence that they may be the sharing of syringes used in drug consumption. Drugs and pornography are related in the essence that people who are under the influence of drugs are likely to indulge in risky sexual practices. There is a need to stop the growing rate of HIV infections among other STIs. It is also sad that the youth and children are continuously being affected by infections that can effectively be avoided.
Parents should combine their efforts with educators to provide advice that will be effective in addressing these concerns. This could be well done if there if proper information on the damage that these infections may have in their lives and affect their long-term lifestyle in future. Risky sexual practices need to be avoided and should not be advocated (Struthers 54). The government is also entitled to make an effort to ensure those pornography sites are limited. This would be essential in making sure that the youth among other individuals in the society has very limited or no access to these sites. This is due to the role that the play in influencing the youth into indulging themselves in risky practices. Through implementing such relevant policies, it would be effective in avoiding consequences associated with such vices.
There also needs to be strict policies established by the government that will impose serious penalties among drug users and peddlers. This should be specifically aimed at individuals who involve themselves in the use of illegal substances. Through establishing harsh penalties, there will be a significant decline among individuals who participate in these practices. This should be effectively followed up since it is in the well-being of the targeted group. Other places such as clubs should be imposed with heavy fines if they are found to entertain underage children in their business premises. This would be an effective way in guaranteeing that all factors that are known to advocate substance abuse are regulated to ensure that there is no abuse.
Further improvements in policy can be made through ensuring that there is the development of rehabilitation centers that will be relevant in reforming the affected persons. It is through these rehabilitation centers that different people who may have been affected by these bad vices can get a second chance (Schlosser 13). There should also be advanced help helped through professionals who will help such individuals recover. This will be appropriate in ensuring that the victims being treated do not land back into their old habits. Rehabilitation Centers may also serve as a good example to individuals who may consider indulging in these risky encounters. School children should also be constantly taken to rehabilitation centers where they will learn what happens to people who involve themselves in substance abuse and pornography.
Through properly evaluating the negative impacts that are associated with pornography, it is easy to develop the appropriate strategies. Proper evaluation is also essential in identifying previous mistakes that people may have been doing that did not fight these vices effectively. In essence, the need to fight drugs and pornography should be acknowledged and fought through equal participation from the relevant parties.

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