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There are quite a lot of credible and trustworthy websites dedicated to the amazing writer, Roald Dahl. Some of them are websites that features him in one of their pages. Others have compiled all the important news that involved Dahl. And because the biography of a person doesn't end at death, the things that the people whom are blessed to be with or was touched by the works and legacy of that person should also be included.
The official Roald Dahl website is entirely about Dahl and it’s a very good site to find information about him because of the nice presentation of the website. It’s managed by organizations that are touched by Dahl and his legacy (“Roald Dahl”). The goal of this website is to share information about Dahl and his works to the whole world. Not only does this site have the children’s books of Dahl, it also features the Roald Dahl’s Marvellous Children’s Charity and the Roald Dahl Museum and Story Centre where you can buy stuffs. It also has a twitter account for news updates. Entries from the blog are also uploaded here. This website is filled with facts about Dahl and it is a great source of knowledge for its credibility. It also has a “create and learn” link wherein the stories of Dahl are brought to life making them easier to teach to the younger generation. This page also has activities that you make want to try if you are interested in becoming a writer like Mr. Dahl. Learning new things through this website is fun and interactive.
The Guardian features a timeline of all the news and articles that are about Dahl. The latest of which is about the best pranks in children’s books. Mr. Dahl’s Matilda was in third place (The Guardian). There are more or less 300 entries about Dahl and his works in this website. Stuffs like these are hard to be found in printed books.
Roald Dahl also has an entry in the biography website. It attributes his early life, his early writing career, personal life, his books made for children, and his death (Bio). It is also stated that the website strive for accuracy and fairness. There are also videos at the end of the entry that are about Dahl’s novels and Behind Matilda the Musical. The information that can be found here is pretty much standard just like what is found in books except the videos.
A fan website is also dedicated to Dahl and it features resources that could help everyone learn more about this children’s book author (Howard and Mander). It has links about Dahl’s life and work, where to buy these, helpful ideas for students and teachers, fun stuff like games and trivia, places where you can find his featured works, and the latest news. Just like the official website, this website made from the fans of Dahl is also a real help and a great source of information. It even has the biography, timeline, articles and interviews, and awards of the writer.
The credibility of the printed books is higher than that of the facts written on websites. This is because books are carefully checked before printing while websites can be a source of pranks and fake information. But, the fact that websites could easily update facts about the things related to Mr. Dahl is very convenient.

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