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Business Memo Proposal Report

The functionality of a company in the company depends on various factors. Shareholders own companies although the companies depend on various stakeholders to carry out their functions effectively. In order to make them function better and maximize the output of their operations, the company must be a good place to work with respect to the employees. In addition, it has to meet the expectations of the parties in the market to facilitate their support for the activities that it undertakes in the community. In this context, the business memo proposal report address all the senior staff at DPR Construction Company. The aim is to provide them a clear framework that will encourage necessary measures in their capacity as managers for the betterment of the performance of the company. As a construction firm, DPR faces numerous challenges in the market amid the terms and conditions imposed on its operations by the market. However, the company’s management can consider these factors to make the company work better.

The proposal report addresses the senior staff at the company including the members of the board. It is important to address the board of governors because some of the decisions made in the company are only at the discretion of the board of governors.

Adherence to the Relevant Legal Requirements

Companies work under a strict legal framework provided for by the acts enacted in the constitutional statutes of the country. Upon incorporation commencement of the business activities in the market, the company in question is subject to these laws and it must adhere to them to avoid any possible litigations. However, legal suits are inherent for DPR Company. Given the nature of its business, the company is prone to court litigations. Numerous employment laws, securities laws, environmental laws, and the general company laws govern DPR. In o order to work better and maximize the adherence to all these laws, the company should employ a permanent or temporary legal advisor (Swanson 12). He or she will be tasked with the responsibility of ensuring that the company takes all the necessary measures to minimize penalties imposed by the infringement of the law. The legal advisor will update the management regarding any changes in the law, which will help to make the necessary adjustments to conform to the new requirement. Adherence to the law makes the company work better by improving its reputation within the market. For instance, the company will be renowned for its fast and fair compensation whenever it infringes the rights of a third party.

Employee Motivation

Employees are responsible for the levels of production realized at the company. They are considered the factors of production at the various sites of the company. The level of production realized by the employees depends on the motivation they have to carry out the duties they are assigned by the management. DPR Construction must ensure that its employees are motivated every time that they embark on the projects undertaken by the company (Reinhardt 31). The objective of the company is to ensure that it comes up with quality construction project according to all the demands of the customer, which meet the standards of convenience and durability. Having such a deliverable as its core objective implies that the employees are under immense pressure regarding quality production for each project that they undertake. Employee motivation can be realized by applying the employee motivational theories. DPR Construction should offer reasonable remuneration to all the employees to ensure that the salary they receive is worth the demands imposed by the projects undertaken.
In addition to the remuneration, the company should design special rewards to the employees for any exemplary performance and commitment to work. Bonuses should be given to the employees for any overtime work done on the project sites. The company should continue to expand and establish more branches to guarantee that the employee will grow in terms of their careers and take up the managerial positions at the branches established (Hogan 15).

The Budgeting Process for Better Performance

The company should allocate adequate resources to all the departments to maximize the good performance. Effective budgeting mitigates the possibility of a shortage of resources, which avails all the materials and inputs required for production at the company (Schenkel and Teigland 41). Given that the company has been in operation for the past two decades, it has adequate retained earnings to finance its operations without the need to borrow funds. The following is a budget that will guarantee good performance this year based on the financial output last year in dollars:

Research In Human Resource Management

The approach of the research concerning the issues related to the DPR Construction Company will include the qualitative, qualitative, numbers-based, or argument-based research approach. That is; the mixed research method will be employed in the study concerning the DPR Construction Company, including issues related to organizational management, organizational changes, leadership structures and human resources management (Aghazadeh 15). The quantitative reports will have less focus on the argumentation and more on the statistical methodologies as well as the potential issues likely to interfere with the desired quality of the study. On the other hand, the qualitative approach will encompass the phenomenological elements of the study and the sociological aspects attached to these aspects. The validity and reliability of the research approach will be a key issue, which will be enhanced by investment in research on the marketing issues, trends, organizational management, and leadership (Guide to Improving Capability for Systems Operations and Management 22). The Company will also have to use this approach in its research activities.
The reason for choosing the mixed methods approach is that it will promote the quality of the research because it allows for diversification and widening of the research questions and hypotheses. However, this approach is quite involving and requires additional resources because of the employment of both the qualitative and quantitative approaches, which increase the operational costs (Hogan 10). With the use of this approach, the management of the DPR Construction Company will understand the significance of using the approach in the operations of the company.


Implementation will be of great significance to the company. Implementation will take place in five distinct steps, including the planning and preparation, set-up and customization, evaluation of HRM, drive adoption and continual improvement. Planning and preparation will include all the activities that the company will engage in while preparing to execute the plan. Some of these activities will include the re-evaluation of the research and the adoption of any changes made (Kuglin and Rosenbaum 21). Since the DPR Construction Company will be seeking improve better working, innovation and creativity are some of the areas that the management will need to implement. The human resource sector will be one of the significant sectors where creativity will be of great importance in enhancing innovations.
The management will come up with creative ideas including human resource management and consumer relations among other. These ideas will enable the company to have excellent human resource management programs that influence its prosperity. The managers of different departments will have significant roles and different effects on innovation in the organization (Reinhardt 22). They will have to listen to the creative ideas from the employees concerning the sectors and take these ideas to implementation. They will influence the execution of the ideas and incorporation of the innovations in running the organization (Schenkel and Teigland 19). Creativity by different team members of the organization will provide the ground on which the innovations will be formed. Creativity will encompass the implementation of such systems as the photovoltaic systems, and the use of solar energy to enhance the systems of operations at the company. As such, the DPR Construction Company will be aiming towards continual improvement.

Time Constraints

It is important for the DPR Construction Company to pay attention to the time constraints to implementing and execute the plan effectively. Timing of the events leading to the implementation will be significant because it will allow for systematic operations. Since timing will be essential for DPR Construction Company, the events and requirements for each event will be outlined in systematic and chronological way (Swanson 17). This approach will allow the management of DPR Construction Company to plan effectively on the better working of the company.


DPR Construction Company seeks to improve the working and operations. In order for the company to achieve this, it will have to go through a variety of steps. This proposal outlines some of these steps and activities that the company should undertake in each of these events. For the company to enhance better working and operations, it has to adopt measures such as employee motivation, effective leadership and management, innovation, creativity and adoption of the mixed methods research. The effective coordination and implementation of these measures will enable the company to have a better operation foundation, which will drive it towards achieving success.

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