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The emerging technologies in Medical Robotics usher a new future with their innovative surgical procedures and safer surgeries for human beings. The human conditions that relate to the nervous system, nervous system, heart, and other diseases are diagnosed and treated with minimal precision. Robotics in the field of medicine can minimize limitations of professionals such as limited visibility and perception of depth. The benefit of medical robotics is that they work with precision with no error. They can perform invasive surgeries with small incisions. They are steady untiring instruments that one can control through voice or remote control. An advanced medical robot can perform heart surgery without opening the patient's chests. Nanorobots are small in size to enter the blood stream. Once inside the bloodstream they can locate and treat diseased cells, starve cancerous cells, and deliver drugs at the cell level. The nano-robots will check different malignant cells such as leukemia. One can unlock the cancerous cells when they encounter the cancer cell proteins. The nano-robots have the ability to transport payloads to the drug molecules and antibodies required to treat specific cancerous cells in the body. The robots can also probe cells for diagnostic purposes to monitor the body neuro-electrical signals that regenerate to create a new tissue. In some instances, surgeons can control operation from a different room through remote controlling of the robot arms. If the patient happens to be in a state of battle, the doctors can perform tele-surgeries and control surgical operations without endangering anyone. Doctors often use catheters to perform heart surgeries where they insert a flexible tube in the body cavity to access the surgical instruments. Catheters also help in delivering medicines or treating a disease or infection. Sensei entails a robotic catheter to help a surgeon guide the tool in the heart. A physician controls the device in the body to enable accurate positioning and stable control of the apparatus. A Da Vinci is robotic for laparoscopic intervention that use small incisions in a variety of procedures unlike in a traditional surgery where the surgeons use large open incisions. The surgical robot permits minimal invasive surgeries with intense visual, dexterity, and precision. That technique can allow the surgeons to perform complicated procedures such as open-heart surgery. The method ensures minimum blood loss, lower chances of infection, and minimal pain. The method is more precise than surgeons holding surgical instruments to make microsurgery are are. The robotic arm can reach regions where humans' hands cannot reach. The surgeon controls every aspect of the process with the assistance of da Vinci robotic gadget. A tele surgery is a voice-controlled technique performed at a long distance by a surgeon activated through ZEUS endoscope to allow the surgeon to view the inside of the patient's body. The endoscope is a medical device that consists of a long, thin, and flexible tube with a light and video camera. That will make it easy to have a look at the inside of a patient's body through a screen. One can also use an endoscope to perform biopsies, confirm the diagnosis, and retrieve foreign objects. The Zeus has a robotic arms controlled using a remote control. The device can track and nullify the tremors as it responds to movement of the surgeon's hands. Automatic endoscope cameras that position the robot assist during surgery with high precision and accuracy. An AESOP is a voice-controlled robot used for automated endoscopic procedures to hold and maneuver the endoscope in various human glands such as the pituitary glands. The EndoAssist is a robot with an endoscopic camera holder to assist in various laparoscopic surgeries. The device ensures steady visualization of the operative field controlled by a surgeon. The robot can provide an extensive range of colorectal operations. An OTELO is a telerobot for mobile ethnography. It is an effective non-invasive method used to diagnose abnormal heart rate and acute appendicitis. The ethnography can perform a fast diagnosis for immediate treatments such as kidney stones. The device has a portable ultrasound probe and uses mobile communications technologies to reproduce expert hand movement or perform remote scans. Satwant Kaur(2012) observe that embedded chips are the chips surrounded within the Printed track panel other than surface-mounted tool of the precedent. The devices are slim as the individual hair. Some of the technologies of the embedded chips include Radio Frequency Identification, Near Field Communication, and Global Positioning Systems, with coming of digital technology many applications that did not incorporate embedded chips now can utilize it. The pervasiveness of the cellular phones integrated with location information, censors, internet connectivity, and GPS provide an excellent platform to collect data concerning individual and the surrounding environment. The tracking of usage and location data becomes information that business can use to provide extensive services. The embedded chips permit ubiquitous computing to provide different computing devices in the environment. The chips enable invisible sensors distributed in host materials to respond to stimuli that will deliver information. The embedded chips allow the collection of data from the web and other application systems.Smartcard bring about tokens with fixed chips that can store information. The NFC technology permits mobile phones to emulate smart cards. The NFC requires two set of rooted chips to function and is suitable for applications such as credit cards or phones. The implanted chips in mobile phones confer upon the abilities of RFID reader and credit card to allow mobile payments, mobile advertising services, and social networking. The NFC-enabled phones have fixed hews that apply in digital signs, point-of-sale machines, vehicles, and industrial equipment. RFID systems use embedded chips to transmit information. The GPS in the mobile phones can help to locate a person's position. The Wi-Fi, UMTS, and GPRS are wireless communication technologies that enable the delivery of personalized content on the mobile devices. The integration of RFID reader into the mobile phone allows the device to act as a contactless smart card. The NFC supports bi-directional communication that makes it possible to overcome challenges of tag and reader device. The modern ATM and debit cards carry set in chips for sanctuary purposes. The new chip and pin cards are different from the radio frequency chip in the credit cards to permit customers to pay through a investigate scanner other than pilfer method. Many programmed permit kiosks at the gas pumps, parking garages, and train stations accept the new cards with chip and pin. Some of the modern chips are worn on the body to link the physical world and cyber world in a new way. Embedded sensors in the body help in medical monitoring and the treatment of disorders that require connections to computers. Once applied to the skin of the throat, the sensors can differentiate muscle movement for pure speech. The human pulse has a lot of information on a person's health condition of the body. The pulse diagnosis is useful for medical monitoring while it has flaws due to subjectivity. The embedded vibration monitoring apply in a qualitative and quantitative study that ensures precision of measurement. The functionality and performance of lithe systems such as wearable and implantable electronics will increase the density of the implantable electronics. The fixed chips activate automatically or by sending a signal from a central processing unit. An implantable chip drug once commanded will give back a confirmation message of delivery. Blood tests show that the treatment dispenses by microprocessor is useful as a regular injection, and the entity dose is slightly consistent in quality and effect than the daily shots. Portable folder is smart cards that contain rooted chips to store own information, unlike a conventional credit card that store a single account number in the magnetic strip. The cellular phone case can hold multiple credit cards such as pharmacy cards, discount cards, and insurance cards. The contactless transportable case has an inherent antenna that allows transmission of information without requiring shortest phone. The fixed chips allow slip phones to male payments without requiring acclaim card swipe against the license reader. The itinerant wallet will also permit the replacement of multiple pieces of plastic that purpose inside the phone. The location-based security scaffold will prevent any unauthorized attempt to operate an ID-based system out of the authorized operating location. The security required for private in order, financial assets, and employment bases on the corroboration of credit cards, work identification badges, and building access cards. The identification documents are currently embedded in different techniques such as encryption, biometrics, and rooted chips. The technologically sophisticated documents are impossible to forget and hard to circumvent their security mechanisms. The entrenched chips in specialized phones permit a firm to store corporate sensitive information and access control. The NFC surrounded chips in the phones can serve as a complex contact control and the closed-loop imbursement at commercial canteen. The entrenched chips in the carrying system use normal pass systems to record devices installed along the highway. An easily equipped vehicle pass will help the police officers to check the vehicle speed limit. New systems of vehicle registration transmit information to trail stolen vehicles and monitor the activities of terrorists. For example, a main road toll-payment system is a contactless smart card that has entrenched chips to read the tollgates through a remote sensor. A correct toll bases on the distance automatically deducted from the card at the end of the trip from car owner's credit card. Some of the examples of digital surveillance include GPS that enables the locating and monitoring of drivers. The localization devices that apply to intelligent transportation are embedded chips in the vehicles. RFID can use in label and tracking to identify embedded chips in the passports. The embedded chips allow an adaptive and flexible network services to enable advanced relay nodes to work on the system. The packets relay advanced packet processing other than kernel in the computers.


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