Human Resource Management Essay Sample

What are the positive aspects of having individualized rewards?

One of the most positive aspects of the gamification is the fact that the employees are directly involved and responsible for their performance compared to the others. This allows them to have sort of a competition which can show their skills. Moreover, the performance is reflected on the paycheck, meaning that the better performance results in higher salary.

Additionally, one of the aspects of gamification is the recognition, both personal and group. It does not have to be something big, even the small conversation with the employee or a pizza day for the team after reaching the goal would be great to motivate them for future.

Human Resource Management Essay Sample

What are the negative aspects of having individualized rewards?

The some of the most important cons of the gamification are diminishing returns, alignment and autonomy. In the first case, the employee will get less and less emotional satisfaction when he/she constantly receive the rewards, decreasing their overall productivity. Alignment means that some of the employees can make money their main goal, which can lead to cheating or even illegal actions. When we are talking about the autonomy, we mean that the employee will gradually become more confident in his/her performance thus the loyalty may be jeopardized, creating the opportunities for the rivals.

Would gamification motivate you?

It is a rather hard question to answer. Most probably, at this point it would motivate me as I am rather competitive and it would motivate me, but there is a great possibility that at some point there would be no more challenge and my performance would decrease. So, in my opinion gamification is good, but only to some extent.