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Published: 2020/10/27

Daryl does not explain the case before leaving the offices but calls Jennifer while stuck in the traffic. Daryl and Jennifer had to make phone call conversations while driving that was against the laws. Moreover, Daryl and Jennifer used their personal car for transport. On arrival, Daryl does not ask or interrogate Charles and Jane, but just asks a simple question. Daryl does not take time to brief Jenifer of the general requirement face to face and seems to have already made a decision; that the children shall be pulled out from the foster home soon after taking the statements. Jenifer was confused and attempted to object, but to no success.
Daryl makes decisions in haste without consulting others. Such is evidence by how Daryl sermons Jenifer-through phone call without an explanation of what the matter was. Daryl attempted to explain the matter as they traveled endangering both of them, and breaking the law. From how Daryl sermons, Jennifer, Jennifer is in panic mood as the matter seems to be very urgent and critical to the extent that it required mad rushing. For a leader to make a good relationship with the others, one has to mind the communication techniques.
One of the major critical communication techniques is to mind the audience (John C. Maxwell, n.d. p. 5). Maxwell further notes that a leader must be able to share information such that the audience can feel the urgency required, and hence connect with each other. Since communication is the main aspect in forming relationships, Daryl has very little chance of developing positive relationships with other professionals. It is worth noting that Daryl did not interrogate Charles and Caravan and did not talk to Jennifer in the right way. Jennifer disagrees with Daryl on their first case indicating the poor intrapersonal characteristics of Daryl.
Daryl fails to handle the matter at hand professionally. She seems to set priorities wrongly. In this case, Daryl seems to be attending to a matter of great urgency to such extent that she has to brief Jane on the way. The case has no any emergency attached to it in so far as spanking is concerned. Secondly, Daryl has the obligation to brief Jennifer before leaving the office. It is wrong for a leader to make haste decision with total disregard of the other team players. Persuasion helps to convince one into believing or agreeing with the leader (Larry C. Spears, 2010. P. 28). It is evident that Jenifer does not agree with Daryl decision on pulling out the children from their foster home. Such indicates the lack of persuasion abilities that a professional leader ought to have.
Moreover, professionally, Daryl ought to have interrogated Charles and Jane and gathering more details and possible history of misbehavior about the children. The fact that Tommy and Jennifer were involved in an extra-ordinary situation that risked their lives might be of great concern to Daryl. Extra-ordinary situation may require unconventional means of solving the problem at hand. Daryl does not explain to Charles what the possible ramifications of his actions before leaving. It is immoral for Daryl to fail to inform both Jane and Charles on the possible cause of action. Making a decision without informing them is assuming that their role is insignificant and such may create distrust among them.
Daryl does not effectively communication both verbally and written. From the case, Daryl does not brief Jennifer before leaving to the foster home. In addition, Daryl does not inform Charles and Jane of the decision and the possible course of action. Daryl does not ask the opinion of Jennifer even in the last decision. It is importance to note that the organization climate results from communication efforts, attitudes, abilities in decision making, leadership styles, etc. (Anna H. L. Nordstrom, 2010 p.27).
In this case, there is failure in the communications and hence, Jenifer may develop the wrong attitude and problem solving abilities. The same case may happen to Charles and Jane since they are not informed prior to pulling put the children. Their plight on the extraordinary situation is also ignored. In the event that either Tommy or Beth was hurt, Charles and Jane would have been held accountable.
Daryl fails in making a proper decision that is understood by everyone. There is no evidence that Daryl seeks feedback from any person involved in the whole case. Feedback stimulates a conversation that leads to an understanding among the stakeholders in any situation. A leader who communicates in a wiling manner does so to establish the right situational climate that encourages subordinates to give feedback (John A. Kline, n.d.). It is evident that Daryl was not willing to set the right situational climate to get feedback from anyone.


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