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Success is one word that means different things to different people. Even though in many cases money is the medium through which success is measured, success could also be measured by the impact a person makes to the society. Also, success could be defined as the achievement of a higher position in a particular field. These areas could include business, sportsmanship, politics, and other ranks in the workplace. In the case of marketing and advertising, success could be defined as the accomplishment of financial goals or the rate of awareness of the product to advertise. This field requires creativity and knowledge in the marketing industry. To me, success is being able to use my creativity in marketing, as well as, advertising, to be the best mother I could be, and being able to change the lives of others through physical fitness.

Success in Marketing Business

The marketing and advertising business requires much time compared to other businesses. In this business, working is mostly during the day and sometimes during the night. Networking is also a crucial component of this kind of job (Smith 34). Therefore, one should be located in cities in order to succeed. Many people and businesses are located in the city, giving a platform to reach the desired clients.
In marketing, the aim of advertising is to accomplish the goals set by the company. First of all, the interest or desire to participate in marketing and advertising is a success once the business has started. Fulfilling personal or organizational desires is another aspect of achievement. To succeed in the marketing and advertisement business, creativity is crucial. Success in this field of business is accomplished when creativity is used as a bridge connecting the idea and financial outcome.
With the trends in technology, technology has become a critical component to advertisers and marketers (Andrew 21). Almost every business in the world requires advertising and commercialization of its product and services (Andrew 21). With the inroads being made in the area of technology, digital marketing should be a branch of advertising to consider. Numerous research indicates that the success of product awareness is greater when digital marketing is used compared to the traditional ways of advertising (Andrew 21).
Creativity comes in handy in marketing, and this is because marketing is an art of business that requires creativity and critical thinking. Creativity could apply in many ways; these methods include strategic planning, problem-solving, negotiations, composure and handling other situations in the marketing and advertising industry.
Getting good money will also help focus and motivate to work hard. The measure of success will, in this case, be the amount of money made in the advertising business. Businesses are ranked according to their revenue. Therefore, the more money is made, the better the business. Success in marketing and publicity is attained by various strategies: ensure quality services to clients, excellent positioning strategy, professional qualifications, and passion for succeeding. A career in marketing and advertisement requires academic qualifications in business related courses. Business courses provide the academic knowledge in business and explain other useful business concepts that are helpful to one’s marketing career. Even though some businessmen are successful without an educational qualification, their secret to success is hard work.
Doing something that the heart desires is explained as the most comfortable and exciting situation in life. As Welch argues, “Do a job that you love the most and you will never work a single day in your life” (126). She emphasizes that doing what an exciting job fulfills the desires of the heart. By doing this, the job will never be a concern in life; it will be as easy as performing a hobby. Pursuing a career in marketing and advertisement will be a success because the desires of the heart are accomplished. The journey in the career of marketing and advertising will be comfortable and fulfilling. Accomplishing these will define the success of the business. Working towards the business goals is a way to achieve success.
The benefits of the marketing business are good. Starting salaries may range from $60,000 to $70,000 per year. Other benefits include allowances and traveling opportunities. In this field, one gets the privilege of meeting different people with different lifestyles. On retirement, pensions are provided if the business belonged to the government or a reputable private organization. Health insurance could be given to workers and many other benefits.

Family success

Being a mother and a wife is imperative in life. It consumes energy and time. The success of being a mother is measured in many ways. These forms include family happiness, bond between family members, quality characteristics of the kids, general hygiene in the house, and most of all converting a house into a home.
All these aspects of family success are accomplished through hard work. Communication is the key to family success. A mother needs to communicate to her children. Bringing up children requires good communication skills, talking sense to them and guiding them on what is right or wrong. Having children with good character and personality is an accomplishment and can be measured as a great success.
The success of a mother is also measured by the state of her relationship with the husband. A good relationship indicates success in a mother’s role. A husband’s satisfaction measures the degree of a mother’s success in the family. Being the best mother someone desired to be is an indication of achievements. Achieving these family goals defines success in the family.

Success as a Physical Trainer

A successful physical trainer looks back and acknowledges the work and goals accomplished. The success in this field is measured by number of fitness problems solved. Seeing clients maintain an average Body Mass Index by taking balanced diet is one of the achievements in this area. The desire to help is accomplished once clients have gained interest in the training program. Recording huge turn-outs means the program is beneficial, helping clients with fitness problems.
Training for physical fitness will ensure personal benefits. This means keeping fit and taking balanced diets. The satisfaction of clients and friends who engage in these exercises provides a clear outline of the intended success. In this field, hard work plays a significant role in accomplishing the goals and achieving success.


Success may be hard work, but I believe it is worth it in the end. Success to any individual means that they are content with their place in life and would not change it in any way. It is possible to achieve success as long as you stick to what you love to do and do it with determination and passion. I believe I will achieve success in life by making it in the marketing industry, always trying my best to be a great mom and devoted wife, and being able to train others physically. I believe this is so because I am combining all the things that I love, and I am willing and able to work hard to be the best at them. Success is a natural thing to achieve as long as one is willing to put in the necessary work in order to make it happen.

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