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Published: 2020/09/12

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Dissertation Hypothesis

Module One and Module Two
Hypothesis: Group dynamics affect sociologists’’ assessment of human behavior.
Independent variable: group dynamics
Dependent variable: Sociologists’ assessment of human behavior
Group dynamics is a matrix of psychological processes and behaviors that take place in a social group setting. The examination of group dynamics can be helpful in the comprehension of the decision forming processes that take place in groups, studying the spread of illnesses in a social setting, making efficient therapy strategies and re viewing the popularity and emergence of new technologies and ideas. Group dynamics are at the center of comprehending racism, prejudice, discrimination and sexism. The applications of group dynamics are examined in communication studies, business, social work, ed8ucation, political science and psychology (Backstrom 44).
Auguste Comte was the father of the sociological diesoline and the perspective of positivism. Auguste Comte is perceived as being the first theosophical social scientists. Comte derived the positive philosophy of sociology while trying to amend the social ills of the French revolution. Comte was one of the philosophers who influenced John Stuart Mill and Karl Marx. Comte’s ideas were transformed into the scientific concepts that were proposed by Emile Durkheim. The social theories that were proposed by Emile Durkheim were the foundations of the objective and practical social research (Comte 15).
Comte was the first to detail the basic perspective that formed positivism in the mid nineteenth century. Comte was one of the first social scientist to be able to separate sci3ence from natural philosophy. Comte had similar view with Karl Marx with regards to the stages that a society experiences. Marx believed that the society would eventually experience a communist apex. . The stages of society that were proposed by come were divided into three stages. These stages were theological, metaphysical and positive stage (Comte 51). As a result of studying the work of Auguste Comte, we can prove the hypothesis that group dynamics influence sociologists’ assessment of behavior.

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Module Three and Module Four
Hypothesis: Adequate socialization skills cause people to become fully competent members of society.
Independent variable: Adequate socialization skills
Dependent variable: Fully competent members of society
A competent citizen is a person who satisfies their social role. There are a number of perspectives with regards to the composition of good citizenship. Theodore Roosevelt was quoted as saying: "The first requisite of a good citizen in this republic of ours is that he shall be able and willing to pull his weight” (Roosevelt 1). Education is perceived to be a requirement for being a good citizen. Education facilitates the making of effective decisions and to address the imposters who would mislead (Soder 37).
In a democratic system, the requirements of good citizenship are carried by all of the society’s members, “Only the common schools can provide to all education that all need” (Lee & Roth 1). The capacity of understanding science is frequently perceived as being an important element for good citizenship. Good citizenship is perceived as having the requisite of intellectual capacities that include critical thinking and the skills that are required for social participation. The skills that are required for social participation are the capacity of debating an issue, building unions and public speaking.
Thoreau believed that men who are in service of the state making objective judgments are perceived as good citizens. A government can be perceived by its citizens as a father who is protective and benevolent (Thoreau 1). There are tim4es that intrinsic and extrinsic motivations win over the desire to practice good citizenship. A number of people will avoid appearing in court as witnesses due to their aversion to red tape.
There are a number of organizations that seek to encourage good citizenship. The Boy Scouts of America is an organization that encourages good citizenship. Consequently, the hypothesis: Adequate socialization skills cause people to become fully competent members of society, can be proven by examples.
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Module Five and Module Six
Hypothesis: Sociologists propose that social status is the reason for behavior
Independent variable: Social Status
Dependent variable: Reason for behavior
In criminology and sociology, strain theory delineates that the social frameworks that are present in a society may compel citizens to commit criminal acts. The strain theory was initially proposed by Emile Durkheim. The strain can have the characteristic of being structural. This is defined as the functions at the level of society that have the quality of filtering down and influencing the manner by which an individual perceives the capacity of fulfilling their needs. . In the event that the social frameworks are insufficiently regulated, the perception of the individual may be altered to opportunities and means (Agnew 29).
The strain can also be individual. This is referenced by the pains and frictions that an individual experiences as they seek to fulfill their needs in society. In the event that the objectives of the society become important to the individual, attaining the objectives may become more significant that the means and opportunities. Strain theory is the difference between the anticipated goals and the actual attainments. There are certain goals that can never become reality due to unavoidable circumstances, frictions and inherent weaknesses. . The distinction of what a person believes an outcome should be and the realizations have the capacity of increasing personal distress. The frustration is not attributed to external interference with the anticipated goals. This has a correlation with anger that has the outcomes of aggression and crime. Research has demonstrated that the strain theory was able to correlate with the behaviors of drug users and delinquents. The drugs and the deviance are applied as coping mechanism in order to relieve the distress from the strain (Agnew 29).Consequently, the hypothesis: Sociologists propose that social status is the reason for behavior, can be proven.
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Module Seven and Module Eight
Hypothesis: Social stratification is the cause of social class structure in the USA.
Independent variable: Social stratification
Dependent variable: Social Class structure in the USA.
The conversation of social class in the United States is an issue that sparks controversy. There are a number of Americans who perceive that America is composed of three distinct classes. These classes are the rich, the middle class and the poor. There have been proposals of more intricate social class paradigms that are composed of as many as twelve distinct social levels. There are others who completely negate the existence of class distinctions in the United States. The majority of the definitions of the structure of social class classify people in accordance with their participation in a specific network or subculture, occupation, education, income and wealth ( Gilbert 49).
The stratification of the social classes in the United States can be detailed as having an elite capitalist class that is composed of powerful and wealthy individuals, an upwardly mobile middle class that is composed of affluent and educated professional and a middle class that is composed of university trained individuals that find employment in white collar concerns. . In addition, there is a lower middle class that consists of semiprofessionals that possess some college and a clerical class that has routine work. In addition, there is the unemployed underclass and the working poor (Gilbert 49). Consequently, the hypothesis: Social stratification is the cause of social class structure in the USA, can be proven.
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Module Nine and Module Ten
Hypothesis: Gender Inequality causes women to have less wealth than men.
Independent variable: Gender inequality
Wealth: dependent variable
Women compose almost fifty percent of the modern workforce. Women have demonstrated that in the workplace that they can be the equal breadwinner. Research has demonstrated that women are the equal breadwinners in forty percent of the homes in the United States. There are more women who become recipients of college degrees and graduate university degrees than their male counterparts. Research has demonstrated that in 2013, women earned 78% of the salary that men earn for the same work. This is a wage gender gap of 22%. . The data demonstrated that women earned less salary than men in almost all disciplines. The characteristic of gender discrimination in promotion and salary continue to be an important characteristic of the American working lifestyle (Hegewisch and Hartmann 2).
Women have made significant advances in interring fields that were previously dominated by men. In the areas of construction labor, there has been almost no progress in the past half century. Research shows that the female poverty rate would be reduced by fifty percent if women received the same salaries as men. It is estimated that another half century will be required before women attain salary parity with their make counterparts (Hegewisch and Hartmann 2).
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