Type of paper: Essay

Topic: Literature, Writer, Control, Profession, Professionalism, Idea, Context, Performance

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Published: 2020/12/31

Context and Purpose for Writing: Did the writer demonstrate an understading of the contenxt and purpose for the writing such that the text has the writer's intended effect on an audience? Please explain. Give Examples.
The writer has done an excellent work on this paper. The writer has clearly demonstrated in-depth understanding of the context and the general purpose of the course on the professional career. Through the text the audience is able to comprehend how the writer is intending to use the knowledge learned in class to the real life situation. For instance the, the writer has demonstrated how he/she is going to use the concept of constructive self disclosure to build trustworthy, honest and meaning relationship with colleagues, patient and supervisors. This will be effective in enhancing her/his performance at work.

Through the text the writer has demonstrated how a nurse can create a brand for themselves through the professional presence and incorporating other values learned in class. The writer emphasizes that we must command respect in our place of work. This is achieved through good communication techniques, taking the right actions and exhibit professional behave at the work place. Our behavior and style of communication speak volume of who we are and our competence.
Genre and Disciplinary Conventions: Did the writer use formal or informal rules for particular kinds of texts and/or media that guide formatting, organization, and stylistic choices appropriate for the assignment? Please explain and give examples
This is a personal essay hence the writer describe how he/she will use the content learnt in class to improve his/her performance at work. In each paragraph the writer has introduce a topic and describe how he/she will use topic on to enhance his/her career. The writer has use the informal words such “I” and “my son” to show degree of personalization of the paper.
Sources of Evidence: DId the writer use and source texts (written, oral, behavioral, visual, or other) to extend, argue with, develop, define. or shape the writer's ideas? Please explain and give examples
The writer has incorporated secondary sources to argue, define and develop the context of the paper. For instance, the writer has use the idea of Reece on page 290 to explain how conflict can arise at the work place and the factors which need to be address to solve the conflict amicably.
Control of Syntax and Merchanics: Did the writer use syntax and mechanics effectively to communicate ideas? Please explain and give examples
The writer has good command and control of Syntax and Merchanics throughout the text. The paper has an excellent flow and arrangements of sentences both long and short sentence. The writer has also use transition words to show the connection of ideas or moving from one idea to another. Additionally, the writer has use quotations marks to emphasize a particular idea or show the change of tone.
Assign a grade to this paper (A = Impressed, B = Satisfied, C = Disappointed, and D = Troubled).
I give the writer, A = Impressed

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