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The Republican Party is often considered to be associated with conservatives, or those who want a somewhat literal reading of the constitution. This is seen in their healthcare policy. The Republicans primary view in health care is the repeal the current Obamacare legislation. They cite that it has had disastrous results on the health care system and has expanded the size of government control too far. Instead of this plan, the Republicans feature a free market approach to health care. They will give more authority to the states on health care issues, require price transparency, and cap malpractice lawsuits, otherwise known as tort reform (“Republican Platform”).
However, Republicans are often known for taking moral stands against some popular social issues like abortion. The Republican Party is against federal funding going towards abortion, and believe that it endangers the health and wellbeing of women. They are against healthcare plans that cover abortion as well. While they do not seek to ban abortions outright, they certainly are viewed negatively in the Republican Party (“Republican Platform”).
The Democratic Party in America is for the implementation of Obamacare, as they are the ones who proposed the bill. This health care plan ended discrimination for those with pre-existing conditions, and provides subsidies for many low-income families to afford a health care plan. They also place a government mandate that every person must have health insurance or pay a fine. There are also tax cuts for small businesses to provide insurance for their employees (“Issues: Healthcare”).
The Democrats also disagree with the Republicans on abortion. They fully support the Roe v Wade decision that made abortion legal, citing that it improved the safety of these practices, as they were already occurring despite being illegal. They are also against the ban on “partial-birth” abortion. Typically, they also support some types of government funding being used on abortions, whether it be through Planned Parenthood, or other institutions (“Issues: Abortion”).
The Green Party is one the most popular third parties in America, and is often seen as a liberal party. In terms of abortion, they fully believe in protecting a women’s right to choose, and believe in using public funding to do so. They believe contraception and abortions should be paid for by the government, especially when those individuals cannot afford to so on their own (“2012 Green Party Platform”). In terms of health care, the Green Party believes in a single-payer universal health care system. They believe in a publically funded health care system, administered at the state and local levels, with comprehensive lifetime benefits paid for by tax dollars (“2012 Green Party Platform”).
Based on these views, it seems evident that the parties have differing stances on the issues. The Republicans, Democrats, and Green Party all have different views of health care. Even the Green Party and the Democrats would not agree, as they want to further increase the role government plays in the health care system. On abortion, no party outright states they want abortion to be illegal, but the Republicans appeared to be the most hostile towards abortion. Both the Democrats and Green Party are for public funds going to abortions.
In conclusion, the views I most relate to are those of the Green Party. I did not know all that much about what they stood for previously, but I really like how they believe in a universal health care system. Obamacare is flawed, and the Republicans plan is very much like how it was prior to Obamacare. Both those options are flawed, so I would prefer a single-payer system. In terms of abortion, the Green Party does the most to help women make their own choices, and give them assistance when necessary. This helps promote freedom the most, which is why I identify most with the Green Party.


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