Example Of Do Believe In God Essay

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Topic: God, Human, Body, Brain, Psychology, Mind, Power, DNA

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Published: 2020/10/14

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God is a supreme power or being, whose infinite nature is beyond the conceptualization of finite human intelligence. Anselm argues that God is a supreme being above whom the human mind cannot conceive anyone greater. According to Anselm there are two categories of people; those who understand the definition of God and accept Him, and those who understand the definition and deny God’s existence. Like a painter who conceives an art work in his mind before realizing it, God too is a concept that is conceived in the mind before experiencing His presence.
The finite human brain has developed super computers. But the human brain, designed by God, is able to process amazingly a huge quantum of information in addition to simultaneously distinguishing thousands of different colors, the changing room temperature, the pressure caused by external objects on the body, noises from around and aches in different body parts. Human brain can process messages much faster than the super computers ever designed by man. Similarly, human cells are instructed by the DNA to perform different functions, which no science is able to explain till date. This gives me a reason to believe that a super power or God Himself has intentionally printed different DNA codes on my body cells to control my body function as intended by Him, as William Paley, the English Philosopher who famously said that God is the divine watch maker, argues that the existence of God could be deduced from the functioning of human body.
Even in the modern age, we continuously hear about well-affirmed miracles, which can be explained as the direct intervention of God. If miracles occurring across the world today is true, God is sure to exist as a supreme power to interfere as and when needed. God has indeed given man enough proof to believe that He is ever-present and watching him from above. The perfect functioning of the solar system with the sun and earth at an ideal distance from each other, the presence of oxygen and water everywhere to sustain human life and the human brain and DNA could not have been the handiwork of someone with finite capability but God, The Almighty Himself.

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