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1.0 Executive summary
With Fashion trends and possible markets created with increase in technology, there is only one boss. The boss in this case is the customer who is in a very good position to fire or hire people based on buying of products from the fashion shops. In this research, the major players are two companies associated with fashion trends. My company also referred to as Malcom is stationed in Canada, Toronto, New York and Australia. Malcom promotes fashion designs developed in the early 19s and a new design on both Men and women wears. We provide textile designs, distribution of basic designs on casual wears, official wears and fashion wears. However, our major competitor is Stella McCartney.
2.0 Competitors Profile
Stella McCartney company deals with lifestyle clothing influenced by city of Portland and New York. Their designs, garments and company strategy depend on growing market on young people and their changing lifestyles based on fashions (Rolker 2015). Stella McCartney uses a concept that is fascinating because it sponsors Verdenergia that is a nonprofit company in order to market their products (Rolker 2015). The act of using nonprofit company such as Verdenergia is far reaching since it is based in five different countries such as Costa Rica, Australia, Canada, United Kingdom and France.
3.0 Competitor Research Summary
Stella McCartney company gives incentives of $1 for every cloth sold by Verdenergia due to the fact that Verdenergia is a nonprofit company. However, apart from using Verdenergia Company to assist with sales of their products, Stella McCartney poses to be environmental conscience by planting over one million trees across the world in one year (Rolker 2015). The strategy is to market their fashion products by coming closer to people both on online markets and physical markets. In using tree planting as a way to market their fashion products, every cloth sold culminate to a tree planted making the strategy altruistic.
In addition to tree planting and using Verdenergia to help advance their market advantage, Stella McCartney has a financial success acquired through sporting events conducted across the globe. With more sporting activities conducted, more fashion products are sold resulting into more revenue collected. With the huge amount of revenue, the budget is well planned in order to minimize the expenditure per annum (Rolker 2015). Stella McCartney has developed interest on online marketing with the clear understanding of SWOT analysis taking advantage of their market strength, growing strengthening their weaknesses taking advantage of more opportunities and working to defeat their threats.
With their monetary strength, Stella McCartney has reached a greater number of their customers with sporting activities, tree planting and road promotions. Several customers are attracted to sports and tree planting activities making it an effective way of marketing their fashion wears. Their major weakness is based on budgeting and hidden costs incurred during their activities that cannot be reclaimed at any cost (Grauwen 2014). Stella McCartney handles their weaknesses with caution by making promotions and creating awareness regarding their events.
Regarding several opportunities brought about by growing technology, guerilla marketing and social media are valuable strategies to reach the world within a very short time. With new developments on mobile devices such as smart phones, laptops, palmtops and availability of Wi-Fi supported devices have increased chances of accessing the internet (Grauwen 2014). With employed intelligence and innovation skills adopted by Stella McCartney, there is a growing attraction to their products not only their fashion products but also their events. Once the events are advertised, there are numerous responses from customers (Grauwen 2014).
Threats such as Stella McCartney’s competitors are real and that is their major worry. It is important to lock in their customers and attract more customers. However, their competitors have picked similar attributes and are employing the same in order to overtake them. In order to deal with their competitors, Stella McCartney has reduced their selling prices with more attractive dressing designs with attractive colors, trends for events and sizes that would help attract more customers. Matching colors are taken note of and are worrying their competitors each moment they try to outdo Stella McCartney. The figure 3.0 below shows samples of fashion designs done by Stella McCartney.
Figure 3.0 Stella McCartney designs
4.0 Competitor Position Summary
There are several skills Stella McCartney requires in order to manage to beat competitors, they include; Knowing market trends, knowing customers, design unique fashion wears, target new group of customers such as the young and old, avoid importation to limit expenses and resolve to making designs locally and venture in new products and events to outdo competitors (Eiseman 2014). New trends also shows that street wears are fetching more customers presently unlike in the early 19s, therefore Stella McCartney must adopt new design types and follow the new trends as they unfold.
Furthermore, they should not make known their strategies to their competitors because they may follow the same process to beat them business wise. There is great need to get customer feedback once the products are sold to them; it makes the company feel indebted to their bosses who in this case are their customers (DiCenson 2015). Customers’ feedback can be used to better the performance and correct or appreciate what the company has done or is doing. Government policies are very significant in marketing and product selling therefore, Stella McCartney must ensure all the necessary documents for doing businesses and tax payments are in order to avoid trouble coming from government side. Their products should be standardized to ensure there is uniformity across the globe. It makes investors to buy their products in bulk for retail purposes making it much easier to reach all the countries in this world and create more employments as well. Local materials can be easily purchased by the company to lower the expenses incurred by the company (DiCenson 2015). In this way, the company would be in a very good position to utilize the local materials available at a cheaper price. More areas can be considered such as athletics, dramas, festivals and weddings to promote their fashion designs and wares both for males and females.
5.0 Trend Research Summary
The growing market trends from 2015 shows that mood and directions of both the young and the old have a direct influence on the future fashion trends. Depending on one’s mood, it’s possible to dress in a certain fashion to please pears, friends, or to show off one’s wealth depending on where and the position one holds in the community (Rolker 2015). Happy moods are always associated with bright colours such as white, pink, yellow, orange and green. In like manner, sad mood is associated with dull colours such as black, brown and grey. This type of dress is put on during burial or sad memories. When the moods of the people are good, many tend to purchase more clothes for merry (Rolker 2015). This trend shows that during festive seasons, there are high sales of fashion dress.
Regarding shapes and silhouettes, the trend for 2015 and 2016 depicts that most ladies would prefer putting on short skirts and fitting dress to give them good attractive shape. Long dress is preferred for church functions, during burial and during marriage. These types of dress are not important during festive seasons such as celebrations. Different types of shapes are associated with age and type of gender of the person putting on certain types of dress. fashion ware today is tending towards short and fitting dresses preferred by middle age and young ladies as compared to men who prefer only fitting dress that cannot be tight like ladies wear.
Prediction for 2015 trend concerning Fabrics, materials and finishes depend on the customers and on the type of weather. For example, in Canada, woolen fabric and sweaters are preferred because it is in a cold climatic condition during springs and winter. It’s only during summer that people can put on less woolen dress (Wolverine Leathers 2015). The cos of the wears also depends on the materials used in designing the same, therefore the sales of the fashion wears may vary depending on the type of the materials used.
In 2015, it is presumed that fashion colour matching are significant because of their attractiveness. Malcom Company has resolved to use colour trends to change their designs and planning for 2015 and 2016. New patterns are developed in this regards to attract a large number of customers with proper colorations and fashions. Despite the fact that designs done with colours depends on moods, it is also possible that there are other influences such as friends, colleagues and environment that directly influence the choice of colours for a particular wear. Summer and spring for 2016 have been forecasted in terms of seasonal colours that have been drilled to fourty (40) different shades. Apple mint and peached pink are considered to be warmer in terms of appearances with Milky pastels making the prediction one of its kinds for 2016.
Fashion designs are not limited to apparels but are also involved in housing designs, environmental designs, manufacturing and geographical area designs that implore new trends discussed above. The factors highlighted above shows that 2015 and 2016 are well catered for by fashion industries due to their predictions in terms of moods, colours, sizes and shapes. The figure below shows few examples of existing wears for Malcom.
Figure 5.1 Samples Wears for 2015 and 2016

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