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The first interior is a large home, expensively furnished with french provincial antiques and offering beautiful views of a large property. Judging from the size and conservative design, it seems American. This is not in the city or suburbs but on a large piece of property. The house has high ceilings, huge windows and very traditional furniture and design. There is a large bookcase with a ladder, something you do not see in most homes. These are educated and sophisticated people. It is clear they are older, established and probably retired. There is no modern furniture. The kitchen is more modern, with stainless steel countertops and minimalist white cabinets. There are three sinks, so the inhabitants like to cook. The dining room is where the observer really gets the impression that these are older people. There are plates on the wall for display, something associated with either the elderly or the British. The dining room has large glass doors that open up onto the expansive property. Expansive and expensive, the people who live in this home are affluent. There is a study, that looks more masculine with a mahogany desk, and some paintings of purebred dogs. The carpet is maybe Persian and there is a painting with a large violin on it, again suggesting the inhabitants are older, and enjoy the symphony. There is another desk, more feminine, with flowers and a painting of a English cottage. There is more evidence in the living room about the interests of the residents, with some paintings set up on easels, and a photo book about the Flemish artist Pieter Bruegel. Their artistic tastes are conservative. The bedroom has a floral print slipper chair that no one under the age of fifty would own. These people like classical music, purebred dogs and art. They are not minimalists, but are not into clutter. They are artists, but not very artsy. They are educated, and rich, but not ostentatious. The home is very remote, and set on some property. If they are Americans, they probably read The New Yorker and listen to NPR, perhaps New England intellectuals. They have no children, because there are no sign of anyone young in the home. There is however, a mixture of masculine and feminine aspects to the furnishing and design. I would conclude this home belongs to a long married couple, one an artist and the other a musician. However, they were probably professionals of some kind, perhaps a lawyer. What seems important to these people is pursuing hobbies, enjoying “the finer things in life,” and having peace and quiet.
Interior 2 is a radical contrast to the first home. It looks a little noisy. It is a European family with a few children. The floors are white, which seems to be a Scandinavian thing. The chalkboard indicates another baby might be on the way. This is a child oriented home and everything seems to be about young kids; it almost looks like a nursery. Everything is colorful and fun. There is a small wine rack, meaning the inhabitants drink, but not too much and not too often. There are books, which signify some level of higher education and an intellectual curiosity. The kitchen is small, European and screams Ikea. It is not a designer kitchen like the first home, but it is modern, cozy, bright and cheerful. The refrigerator and sink are tiny, particularly compared to the first home, which had three large sinks. American homes have larger appliances. In photo 3, of the kitchen, there is an Ibiza ashtray. So these are younger parents, who have gone on at least one wild vacation to the Spanish island famous for techno raves. The bedroom has a stack of Interiors magazines, which denotes an interest in modern design. It is clear these residents are style conscious, house proud and love their children. There is a huge LOVE art installation in one room. There are roller skates for adults, suggesting playfulness and youth. The mother has a sewing machine, implying some domesticity. There is also an easel, but appears to be for display purposes. The entire home has a young family feel. They have a New York City map in their bedroom, which along with the ashtray, imply they like to travel. It’s a much smaller space than the first home, however, Europe has smaller homes. The furniture are not antiques like the first home. These are a mixture of modern Ikea style furniture and flea market finds. Everything is very clean, but a little cluttered. This is a young professional couple with at least two children. The children are happy, and maybe a little bit spoiled. What is important to these people is children, family, fun and travel.
Interior 3 is a much more modern home, extremely bright, with Herman Miller Eames chairs with Eiffel tower bases the focus of the kitchen. These are minimalists, except they use a lot of bright colors. The home has been renovated, the hardwood floors look new. It is an open plan home, with another Eames fiberglass shell rocking chair. While the first home has French provincial antiques, and the second Ikea and thrift store finds, this home has mid century modern chairs. There is a child, who looks Asian. This is an apartment, and you can see the balcony view. Unlike the second home, this home does not look like a child-centric Montessori school. However, there is a nice beanbag playroom that the child is enjoying. There is strict uniformity to the design, with matching Eames chairs, wood suspension pendant lamp and blonde wood floors. Overall, it is a very bright apartment, with mid-century modern styling and a slight Asian feel. There are bonsai-like looking plants that offer an Asian flavor. The inhabitants are a young couple, with one small child. They have an interest in design, and like an uncluttered home with open spaces and clean lines. Asian design uses Feng Shui, and tend to be clean and sparse. Unlike interior 2, there is no clutter. However, there is very busy wallpaper on the walls, which is a confusing addition to the décor. Unlike the first two homes, there are only a few books, and they appear to be for display purposes. However, the design and quality of the home suggest a high socioeconomic status. They might live in a large city, and like to come home to a sanctuary. What seems important to these people is a sense of calm, and a bright open area to relax.

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