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Nowadays almost all organizations try to map their way to success. To make a successful career in any field while working for some kind of organisation you should study the leadership theories and choose the most suitable effective criteria for tour case. So my task was to view a specific material and to identify five problems that I have found. First of all, everybody should understand that the United States is the democratic country where all people are equal despite any racial or gender differences. This country is known as a “melting pot of nations”, so everybody should know how to deal with the diversity on the working place. The first problem was the difference in the communication. Different nations are used to different communication, for example, it can be direct or indirect. One manager had a trouble with it that is why he got in the argument with the stuff. The solution to this problem, in my opinion, is beforehand preparation with working with the diversity team and as a result talking to everybody in the way they would understand you best. The second problem is the ones that can appear due to accents and language non-fluency. I had the same problem when I had a summer job, thus, I felt all the consequences on my own skin. Of course, most of the people speak English on the working place, because it is an international language, however, the accent may vary not only from country to country, but even from one state to another. As it was mentioned in “Managing Multicultural Teams” 2006, “Non-fluent team members well be the most expert on the team, but their difficulty communicating knowledge makes it hard for the team to recognize and utilize their expertise”. This inconveniency can lead to negative atmosphere and frustration in the team. I think the solutions to this problem can be the following: in the places where there are a lot of people of another culture (f.e. Hispanic) you can allow double language, try to be patient and ask a person to talk slower so you will understand, give it a little more time to get used.The third problem I have noticed is different attitudes toward authority and/or hierarchy. In all cultures people are used to be treated in a different way, thus, you should be cooperative, supportive and understanding. If everybody tries to get used to each other, communicate and treat others like they are used to, an organization will have a better and stronger team.The fourth is conflicts that may appear while making a decision. We all might have different views and opinions about strategies and the time any work can be done. The ability to listen to other people’s opinion is the key to this problem. We should let each person do his or her job with cooperation. We should know while making the decision who is the best expert on the following subject and after some discussion make a decision that will suit everyone’s task. And the last is the fare, equal treatment and responsible attitude to your work. If you are a manager who sees that somebody cannot do his or her job well, you should give them a lower position or fire them. I do not say about tyranny and checking every centimetre that is done, but if you gave a person a lot of chances to correct something and it did not work out well, this person should leave your team even if it is your friend or relative. People who occupy higher positions should not use them in their own will. However, they should be respectable and have a nice disposition towards people with the lower positions and appreciate work of every team-member. All in all, organizational effectiveness is the idea of how effective an organization is in achieving the results the organization aims to produce. It consists of a lot of things including leadership development. After having a look on all the problems I analysed I have understood that the main solution to any problem is the desire to cooperate and work on the weak sides. Remember, that success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm.


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