The Purpose Of A College Degree In Today’s Society Argumentative Essay Examples

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Nowadays, we consider having a college degree as a prerequisite in attaining a successful profession and stable earnings. People take college degrees to pursue their talents as well as their passions on a professional extent. Top students usually study courses such as physics, mathematics, literature and chemistry. These students are believed to be the professionals who will shape the civilization’s future. Additionally, according to Adams, he thinks that it has more sense in teaching B students courses which are useful in their lives such as entrepreneurship. College education has become a holder of an individual’s future that helps one to achieve his or her goals in life. Moreover, college degree has somehow become equivalent as the concept and meaning of education. In fact, there are many significances and purpose of college degree these days; which are valuable investment, enhances of our knowledge and our lifestyle and helps people to develop their society.
In today’s society, the significance and purpose of college degree goes beyond the idea of employment prospect; college degree provide people foundation to become well-formed citizens who do not only pursue specialized education but are also enthusiast concern to the progression and practice of education as a whole. No matter how small or big the college a student belongs in, the college experience can certainly mold a person in any way possible (Adams). College degree is not only important for having a good job and achieving financial security, it is also important to help build a fairer, more just and educated society.
Higher education helps people to develop their society. Going to college teaches a person to make a difference in the society because during college years, resources, laws and regulations that greatly affect the community are learned. The knowledge earned from college can be applied to improve the neighborhood as well as its residents. College graduates also serve as role models of the community. Since more education exposes people to new experiences, different classes of people are also encountered. We get to know different kind of people and we learned to understand other perspectives. Moreover, getting a college degree gains more respect because individuals who graduated from college are consider to be knowledgeable. The experience of college is also a learning experience about life, responsibility and independence. College life is a source of influential anecdotes to share all through our being that gives us the feelings of happiness, sadness, pride and regret that we can also tell to people that comes in our lives.
It can be argued, however, that finishing college does not necessarily equate to getting rich in the future. In fact, there are several popular personalities that became billionaires without finishing their college education. One of example of such personalities is Bill Gates – the owner of Microsoft Inc. Moreover, finishing college does not necessarily mean that we will be able to contribute more to the development of the society. Take Alert Einstein as an example. When he synthesized the useful equations in physics about planetary motion, photo electric effect, and the theory of the inter-conversion of matter to energy (the concept behind the atomic bomb), he was not even a college graduate. It was his passion for science and not his education from school which determined his success and contribution to the progress of the society. To say, therefore, that education is the catalyst or the reason for the development of a society is barking up at the wrong tree. It is not education, but the passion of the people to help others and become active players in the development of the society, that develops society. Nevertheless, it can be counter argued that these personalities and instances are exemptions to the rule. The rule remains that the more educated a person is, the more likely he or she will be more capable in contributing to the good of the society.
Another important argument that needs to be considered is the purpose of why societies are built. One of the main purposes of societies is specialization. It is through specialization that the tasks of the society could be easily carried out. There are different tasks that need to be fulfilled within a society and these tasks are usually grouped according to socio-economic stratification. Socio-economic stratification is easily achieved by stratifying people based from their educational attainment. It is very hard to achieve stratification if all of the members of the society are college graduates. Consider this question: if all the members of the society are college graduates, who would be willing to become the garbage collector, the plumber, the mason, and the low-waged laborers? Nevertheless, it should be noted that such tasks can also be addressed even if everyone in the society become college graduates. The answer to the problem or question is technology. I am convinced that when people do not like the task at hand, they always event something to help them do the task through the invention new technologies, and new technologies can be easier to create when all the people are educated.
In conclusion, there are countless reasons why college degree is important. Everyone is pushed to do well in school to achieve their dream and earn more money. However, college is also a venue to learn life important lessons. Overall, it is misleading to cut back the significance and purpose of college degree as an exasperating practice that we need to experience to be able to hit a good job and achieve financial security. Though that is certainly an element of the implication of having an educated society, it is not on a one occasion chapter. College degree really brings in financial and professional opportunities, but more significantly, it improves the individual knowledge by enlightening us to other possibilities of the world and then, helps us build a fairer educated society.

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