Private Education Vs. Public Education Argumentative Essay Examples

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In most of the cases, most parents are always confused on the choice they have to make on whether to take their children in either a private or a public school. It is time to end their confusion as this paper is determined to explaining to the parents why private schools are better than the public schools. Private schools have many advantages when it comes to the quality of education needed by a child. Some of the advantages parents will enjoy by taking their children to privet school include; the administration system of the private school, the number of students in a private school, the sizes of the classes, school governance, qualification of the teachers and finally the education quality.
However private schools have a very high tuition fee as compared to the public school which is free, most of the money paid is majorly used by the student. For example, apart from the normal curriculum provided by the ministry of education, the children in private school are given a chance to go to various places. This also contributes in saving the amount of money that may be used by the parents in taking their children’s to such places. This is totally different with the public schools where, the only thing that the children do is to stick to the curriculum provided by the ministry. They do not visit various places but only learn of these places from the text books they are using. For them to visit these places, their parents will have to dig dip into their pockets which will be costly.
In most of the public schools, the admission accepts any students without considering many factors like the students ability when it comes to education, the students’ religion and many more. In short the demand for the admission of a student in a public school is low as compared to the private school. The disadvantage of this is that, the discipline of all the children is not guaranteed and if a parent takes his or her son to a public school, their children may adopt a certain behavior which they learn from the bad group of children. These behaviors may interfere with the childes future as he or she may be involved in selling of the drugs. However when it comes to a private schools, the administration has the power to expel any student with the bad behaviors from the school so that he or she cannot influence other students. The school has a choice to allow certain students to join the school and reject some in regards to religion and culture and discipline issues.
A private school has advantage when it comes to the population of the student joining the school. This is by being very careful in determining the behavior of the student who is to join the school. Private school upholds discipline issues high and any parent whose child is in a private school has a guarantee of the child being discipline. In the today’s world, every parent wants his or her child to be one with respect and of good behavior. For this to be achieved, the best place is a private school as opposed to the public school were the teachers are only concerned with teaching the book content and are not concerned with the discipline of the students. In public school it is very easy to find a student selling drugs to other students.
In the public schools, the number of students being admitted is not regulated. This has contributed to congestions in classes. This overcrowding is affecting almost all the public schools and has contributed in affecting the performance of the public school. The classes are always congested in an extent that the teacher finds it hard to teach and also to assess the student’s performance. While on the other hand, the private schools population is well regulated and the classes are not congested. The teachers in private schools find it easy to move about the class as they assess the progress of the students. This has really contributed to the good academic performance evidenced in the private schools as compared to the public schools (Benveniste et al, pg. 5).
According to USA boarding school website, the other advantage of the private school is that it does not depend on the government for funding. This is as opposed to the public school that depends on the government for everything. Private schools enjoy this freedom of not being restricted to the government program and curriculum as their public counterpart; they are also free from the states restriction on the budget limitation. This freedom enjoyed by the private schools enables them to come up with their own curriculum. This is so provided that the parents concur with the philosophical, intellectual or the religious aspects introduced in the curriculum. This freedom from the government has contributed to the excellence performance experienced in the private school. The public schools are restricted to the curriculum provided by the state and is provided to involve all students even those that are very indiscipline and interfering with others.
The performance in the private schools is also contributed by the level of education of the teachers. Private schools as opposed to the public schools always employ teachers who are highly qualified (Lin, pg. 107). This has contributed to their high quality of teaching style as compared to the teachers in the public sector who are not as qualified as those of the private sector. This is why private schools have been performing well as they have well qualified teachers to drive them towards their success.
However there are good public schools that perform well, they are very few as compared to private schools that perform better and in large number. These performances of the private schools are based on the discipline of their students. The close relationship between the teachers and the students is also a contributing factor to the good performance of the school. Most of the students in the private schools are being developed both professionally and intellectually. This is by giving the students a chance to discuss and reason out on the solution of some problems as compared to the public schools were the students are only provided by the notes that they can read and not given a chance to solve some of the problems by themselves.
It is very wise for the parents to opt for the private schools as opposed to the public school. This is because, a private schools’ education is of high quality and is determined to nature the students intellectually. The world of today is a fast growing world in terms of economy and various problems are coming up hindering the progress of an industry or an idea. This is why the education system that should be provided for the young generation needs to be one that will develop them intellectually. This is the only way that they will be in a position to face the new challenges that are many in the world of today and to steer the today’s economy. For this to be possible, it is would be a wise choice for a parent to take his or her child to a private school because that is the only way that he can be prepared to face the competitive world of today.
Education is something that a child should be made to love for him or her to be successful in life. The only way of making a child love school is taking him or her to an environment that is very conducive and free from children who may make the child find learning hard. This type of environment is only in private schools where discipline is instilled in the students and the learning environment is very good for the child to like. This is as opposed to the public schools were children are very may and of different behaviors. Some may bully other children making their life in school hard and the child starts hating the school environment hence finding it hard to go to school fearing of the same experience he or she.

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