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Strategic goals in organizations include the creation of positions that are of value, and that bring uniqueness from the operation of different activities. The companies have to create short and long-term goals to enhance their position in the competitive world. Project management oversees the implementation of particular projects within the organization that part of the new activities. Strategic objectives in organizations are accomplished through the successful implementation of approved projects. Projects are the vehicles through which strategic goals are accomplished without which the organization will lag behind in the market place.
Technological advancements are evolutions that will change the way projects are managed. Technology has automated the process of project management through network technologies such as instant communication, e-mail that allows for efficient decision making (McAfee 2006). Technologies such as video conferencing allow the project team to hold meeting in different locations. Technological advancements will increase efficiency in managing projects by increasing the accuracy of planning and documentation. Software being developed will provide project managers with cutting-edge tools for forecasting, planning, implementing monitoring and evaluating projects.
Globalization is an evolution that will affect how projects are managed (Benjamin 2007). Globalization brings about interconnectedness, interactions, exchange and mixture of practices, ideas, technologies, products among other things from different parts of the world. Globalization will affect how projects are managed because it will result in the adoption of new ideas, knowledge, and skills. It will also support collaborations and developments leading to innovations that could not be achieved previously. Globalization will also increase competition in the marketplace pushing the organizations to embark on more complex projects that will create a competitive edge. Globalization allows project managers to source for project requirements world over because there are no barriers.
The organizational goals guide the development, selection and approval of the projects to be implemented. Only projects that are geared towards the achievement of the company’s strategic plan or goals are accepted. The goals of the organization form the outcomes that the project must achieve while the organizational objectives are the activities that the project must follow in order to achieve the expected outcomes. The outcome of the project is only realized when there is successful alignment of the organizational objectives and the project team objectives. The organizational objectives will be used to give guidance on what the purpose of the project is and the perceived benefits. The objectives of the project are measured both qualitatively and quantitatively giving indications as to how effective the project met the organization's goals. Projects aim at realizing organizational strategies within time, utilizing available resources and within the set quality standards and scope.
The city of Denver embarked on a project to build a baggage handling system at their Denver airport in 1992. The baggage handling project reflected the county’s strategies. The city of Denver wanted to increase their airport capacity and become an air transportation hub. The fully automated system supported these plans as it would allow planes to turn around in less than thirty minutes. It would reduce congestion and eliminate time wasted through tug baggage handling and manual conveyors.
Initially, the selected manager for the project was Walter Singer, who was a proper choice. Walter was a force to reckon with in the creation and implementation of the baggage system. After his death, the manager who replaced him was not a good selection for the baggage system because she lacked the engineering knowledge causing her to fall short of understanding the baggage system. The city of Denver was the primary project sponsor together with the airlines that operated in the airport which was a proper selection as they were the beneficiaries.
The Denver baggage handling project does not reflect the adequacy of project policies and procedures. There was acceptance of significant changes that was not a provision in the original negotiations (Calleam Consulting Ltd. 2008). Proper project policy would have required the project team to decline such changes that required redesigning of already completed portions of the work. The project also failed to have proper project procedures and techniques in that they did not ensure availability of all resources that would be needed to finish the work in time. Electricity supply was not available as well as having to work around difficult situations with the designers and the construction team of the physical building that hosted the airport. Proper project management procedures and technologies demand a thorough development of project risks and an analysis of mitigation measures, risks were not analyzed with the baggage system.
The automated baggage system project failed to deliver according to the set quality standards. The project was over budget by thirty percent causing the airport to run into debts requiring the help of the federal government. The project was behind schedule by over twenty-eight months from the scheduled date of operation (Emannuel 2014). The delay in the project caused the Denver airport to lay idle for about sixteen months before it could operate. The final baggage system that was delivered did not meet the scope specifications. It served only outbound flights on only one concourse instead of integrating the three concourses.
Communication is paramount at all the stages of the success of the project. At the initial stages, communication is needed for the stakeholders to express their needs to the project team. Negations are needed to have clear understanding of the project objectives and how they fit the organizational objectives. In the baggage system, the project team made the assumption that the individual airlines would be responsible for building their automated systems which were not the case. The project managers have to communicate with their teams on the purpose of the project and the outcomes that must be realized. Communication channels can vary depending on the message being communicated, the urgency and the need for documentation. Examples include e-mails, word of mouth, meetings, calls and video conferences.
In conclusion, project management cannot be overlooked because of the critical part it plays in realizing organizational strategies. Organizations must select projects whose outcomes will advance the goals of the organization in general or specifically.. They should also ensure that the selected projects are aligned with the organizational objectives so that limited resources are utilized for the betterment of the company.

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