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The main argument by the authors includes the impact of the society on children’s education and success in life. For example, ignoring any dialect of African American students by assuming that it portrays their level of mental inferiority reduces their ability to learn. Moreover, speaking different languages, but only talking to kids in a single language confuses the children and denies them a sense of belonging. This is seen like in the case where children are unable to speak Spanish yet they have Spanish descent (Rodriguez 5). Therefore, the use of language and the reaction by the society towards a language dialect is a major contributing factor towards the success of children in learning.
African American students who speak Black dialects of the English language are unable to perform well in school because they cannot understand the deeper meanings of Standard English. African Americans often use of words and phrases of the English language shows cognitive constructions of the language than those associated with Standard English. Language patterns strengthen the stratification of American cultural and educational groups. Although other societal indicators can be revealing, language gives an immediate status to an individual. The authors acknowledge the need for African American and other groups to improve their language in order to raise their general academic performance. The importance of learning to speak fluently and write English to improving academic performance is crucial. Indeed, the language influence is one of the main underlying causes of poor academic performance in many Black students (NAEYC 4).
The differences in spoken English language of most of Americans are quite remarkable. Therefore, the acculturation of African Americans depends to some degree on learning their code of conduct. Among the qualities that make Black English dialect unique are intonation, speech patterns, voice quality, and other culturally learned elements. For example, linguistic resonance, and articulation control are different in some African American speakers. Most of the members of various cultural backgrounds find some of the differences in speech forms irritating. In the setting of the classroom, the sad outcome is that some teachers form biases about students. These preconceptions include biases about a pupil’s character and motivation based not only on his or her grammar, but also on the voice quality, enunciation, and diction. Dialects are similar languages equally intelligible. Black English and Standard English are mutually intelligible languages. The commonly contemporary slang of Black youth is one form of other several varieties of the language. It is thus considered a variant spoken by African American youth (Labov 7). Contemporary dialect of Black inner city youth reflects a language where friendships are established and reputes built. Peer pressure applies a tough impact on the use and continuation of pronunciation as well as on other present day variants of the language among the youth.
Language is acquired and children should not be discriminated on their dialect. Kids learn faster when learning is offered in a language they understand in their early age. The authors’ argument is therefore necessary to help teachers appreciate various dialects of the pupils. Though the dialects are non-standard English, they do not differ greatly from English language. Teachers should help the kids have a smooth transition to adopting Standard English language. Some features of Black English dialect should be retained in the language. Ignoring the dialect is a major challenge for Black students in their performance in school. Teachers and administrators should do well to understand aspects of the language. This essentially presents a changing system of communication that has proved even in the past, to be adaptive for working in an African American context. Appreciating diversity among the American people creates a feeling of belonging hence improving the educational performance of students.

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